Sydney Morning Herald Headline about Compensation for Victims May Cause JW Organization to Gasp

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  • steve2

    Geoffrey Jackson's unfailingly diplomatic responses during Friday's royal commission hearings have undoubtedly limited damage to the reputation of the JW organization - but I could never again imagine the Watchtower and Awake! magazines criticizing other religions over their responses to child sexual abuse within their parishes. Too close for comfort. The JW organization has little, if anything to feel proud about.

    And how revealing that it has taken a secular investigative process to motivate the JW organization to reconsider its Old- Testament-heavy approach in responding to allegations of child sexual abuse within the organization.

    Here's one of the earliest media stories of Day 8 of the Commission of Inquiry into Jehovah's Witnesses responses to child sexual abuse:

  • punkofnice
    Senior Jehovah's Witness Geoffrey Jackson says church might offer compensation to alleged abuse victims

    I think....being skeptical..........for 'might' read 'will do everything they can not to'.

    For 'alleged' read 'no payment unless proved beyond the shadow of a doubt...even then the WBT$ will try to squirm out of it'.

  • username
    I personally noticed when the subject of financial redress was brought up Jackson almost went into a panic. Just look at his body language and his facial features!
  • wallsofjericho

    These situations shouldn't be about money

    they should be about fixing flawed policies

    unfortunately money seems to be the only way to scare institutions enough to act

    i hate how litigious society is. But nobody is more letigious than the WTS. As much as I disagree with lawyers suing anyone over anything to see what sticks, the WTS is getting beat at its own game this time

  • jhine

    Steve2 , did this article actually appear in the printed newspaper , not just on the website ?


  • steve2
    Hi Jan, I don't know whether its in the print edition because its not widely available in New Zealand. Perhaps our Australian friends can let us know.
  • trapped28
    The contribution boxes certainly will be made bigger,dont suprise me if they start "Having a quick whipround" for these poor victims!
  • unknown ex-jw
  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Jackson suggested the possibility that the GB might consider redress if the scriptures allow such a thing. And he's pretending to be some kind of bible and linguistic scholar?

    It's pretty obvious in Jesus parable of the good Samaritan that the right thing to do was to rescue the victim and provide financial support paid to the innkeeper for the care of the victim. I'm confident that WT will instead walk around the victim on the other side of the road and continue on their way telling themselves, "I'm a priest on my way to the temple. Taking care of such victims is the responsibility of someone else like the local innkeeper. I haven't seen any law explicitly requiring me to help someone that has been beaten and robbed."

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Can you imagine the damage redress would do? I mean.....its a clear admittance of mishandling of what they have been calling apostate lies publicly. Think about that for a minute. they reacted too quickly, and now have placed themselves into a situation that they HAVE to fight redress given to victims. Otherwise they admit it may not all be apostates (man those apostates are powerful!).

    The worst part of this article is the following.

    In evidence, Mr Jackson said an apology to alleged sex abuse victims was "perceivable".

    Oh please! For the reasons already mentioned and more....this is laughable.

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