Standing for Judge Okay - Standing for Anthem Wrong

by berrygerry 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • berrygerry


    "Act of respect" is my point.

    There is a difference between respect and worship.


    In Canada, you do not stand.

    WT policy is:

    If the custom in your land is to stand AND sing, then you may stand ONLY.

    If the custom is to stand ONLY, then you must remain seated.

    How f'd up is that?

    I and my siblings suffered through this nonsense, and we made our kids suffer.

    One bro in our hall had a beer poured on his head for sitting through the anthem at a hockey game.

    After that I stayed in the concourse at venues until the anthem finished.

  • steve2

    My siblings and I were instructed by our JW parents that, if we were sitting down and the national anthem started, we were not to stand for it , but if were already on our feet, and our conscience allowed, we could remain standing. This was drilled into us before we started school and we were in absolutely no doubt about what to do.

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