What are JWs saying about the Royal Commission?

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  • LexIsFree
    I am wondering if there are any pro-JW blogs/sites that any of you visit and whether or not JWs are aware of what is going on in Australia. Also, what is there reaction to it? (I may already know the answer to that last question.)
  • freemindfade
    My spouse gave no rebuttal. Normally she would make some claim to the something like the conti case, and down play with with JW rhetoric, when I told her about the ARC she said "Its awful what happening". thats all. Not sure how much she knows about outside of what I have told her, I think at this point she is just trying to ignore the issue.
  • sir82

    No one here (my part of USA) even knows about it.

    When the RC started on the JWs, there were a handful of minor articles on a few websites, but they were easy to miss unless you were searching for them.

    Since then, not even a footnote.

    News of Australian Royal Commissions is not a big seller in the US news department.

  • freemindfade

    Prediction imminent:

    Because this is an American Based Protestant religion, and one of the GB, Geoffrey, is going to be involved now, that connection back to the U.S. may get it some more coverage. I am not saying top of the google list, but something.

  • TheListener
    My hope is that a Dateline or 60 Minutes or something will do a segement on it once more of the commission's work is completed.
  • kairos
    All denial- all the time.
  • joe134cd
    According to a relative of mine when I quizzed her about it, it was mentioned from the Plat form at regional convention. I got the satan using this to destroy our faith and I won't believe this until I hear it from a GB member.
  • umbertoecho

    I joined a pro JW website. I had refused to initially as I thought it might be way too self righteous for me to take.

    I was wrong. This pro JW site is not about hiding facts and although there are some very strong witnesses on this site. This doesn't stop one of the moderators from being highly critical and angry at the practices and bullshit that has been seen on the part of the elders in the RC.

    Perhaps I am being lured.........Maybe not. I have read a fair amount of their posts and it is mainly about doctrine and some good discussions happen, such as a loss of belief in the 1914 date.

    There is concern about the revelations of the RC. I won't post anything on it in that regard as I am always suspicious. One of the moderators contacted me yesterday asking me about the RC, I said that I had no reason to trust anyone at the moment and therefore the website might be the best place to go for information. I know, a touch of paranoia. But I have been let down so often by people who "promised" to remain very discreet.....

  • umbertoecho

    Yes, they love a good old.........." It's Satan amping up the pressure" ....reminder. And from the platform you say?!!! How lovely for the little children to hear that piece of crap.

    They may not make the front page but they will never be able to affirm that they are or were better than all the other institutions in regard to their lying and deceit when it came to protecting the children in their congregations.

    It's a matter of record that they are worse in some instances, where child sexual abuse cases came to their attention. That is what makes me very content.....How will they be able to boast of such a loverly paradise on Earth amongst all this wicked eeevil Satan influenced people who stand up for the rights of children and others who are vulnerable..........

    Oh!! And those wonderful video's that people made sure were forever held as evidence of WT authorities lying by omission, suffering bouts of amnesia, or just plain lying......

    Someone here said " The cat's out of the bag" That summed it up perfectly.

  • ToesUp
    What we have heard is..."Satan is really working hard." Makes us just want to SCREAM when we hear this!

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