Depressing chat to my still-in brother about the RC

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  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Excellent point Brighid.

    I share your optimism.

    Let's see how we can use this..

  • Vidiot

    "Oh, just like Jehovah used the Babylonians, then the Romans, to cleanse his organization, he's using this worldly organization to do so now."

    Sure, loyalists could try and play that card.

    IMO, they're asking for it if they do, because...

    ...according to the Bible, God didn't use the Babylonians and the Romans to "cleanse his organization"...

    ...he used the Babylonians to punish them for getting so far out of line, they were worse than the Babylonians themselves, and he used the Romans to completely wipe out their center of worship for all time, and scatter them across the known world.

    These weren't "cleansing" or "corrective" actions.

    They were judgements.


    This is when you ask some pointed questions.

    YOU: Do you really believe that all Xians are domestics?

    THEM: Yes.

    YOU: WHY???

    THEM: Da bible says it.

    YOU: Do you really believe blah, blah, blobbity??? ( just use the most basic questions to make them say WHY )

    THEM: God's word says so.

    YOU: Let's read what gods word says about the Superior Authorities! ( Read, blah, blah...) Did you notice why GOD says the SA exist? DO YOU BELIEVE THAT??

    THEM: ...........

    YOU: The SA are in their positions because Jeehoobie put them there, right? You don't want to disrespect the SA, do you??? Who would you really be dissing??


    YOU: Does Jeehoober approve of pedophilia??

    THEM: Of course not!

    YOU: If Jeehobo is causing certain individuals to reap what they have sown, using the SA, should we be disrespecting the SA?? Make sure you let all the car groups know. See Ya later!!


  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Same story with my JW brother. After my bringing up judge Rutherford false prophecies, Beth Sarim and drunkenness.". Well, my brother's explanation was "it doesn't matter, Jehovah used brother Rutherford to grow the org"

    Or the printed story about how Jehovah wanted Russell to have two mistakes (536 bce fall of Babylon and the fact that Russell overlooked the absence of year zero in the Gregorian calendar to do his calculations) in his 1914 prophecy so he could land in ...well....1914. Yep, divine guidance, even in the mistakes.

    It is impossible for a JW to be wrong. Just amazing!

  • Boeing Stratofortress
    Boeing Stratofortress

    I'm not/never been a JW, but if they say that "Jah is using the RC to make change," would that not give you an opening to bring up the Catholic abuse scandal?? For example, the current Pope, Francis, is actually talking reform in his church. Hmmm, is Jehovah guiding him directly? Why does he not guide the Gov Body in a similar way? Instead of using the RC to do so?

    If nothing else, that should get the 'J-dub's' head spinning.

  • umbertoecho
    The Royal Commission. And..... OSCE, UN, these are all being used by God to help the WTBTS to get a grip on reality....Oh that is so precious!!!!!!!!
  • ron rawson
    ron rawson

    hahaha...if Jehovah cared a rip, he would not have to "fix" anything. He would have prevented it from ever happening to start with. How does one fix a broken life anyway?

    Oh yeah, "Leave it in Jehovah's hands"....hahaha, those hands either broke it or allowed it to be broken in the first place....why should he give a flying mouses pootootie if anything ever gets 'fixed'.....?

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