Who Really is ..... The Blood Washed Multitude (Great Crowd) ?

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    Perry - "Who really is ..... the blood washed multitude...?"

    These guys?


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    Revelation is simbolic. The fact that them and the 24 old man, or that 144000 are in heaven, does not mean any of them will be in heaven. They will all be on earth. The king, Jesus will come back to earth, his asociates, will be on earth as immortal men. And they will rule over flesh and blood. The surprise for jw's will be that flesh and blood will continue to die in the 1000 kingdom Isaia 65:20 says people will live longer but grow old and die! People who never knew God will be reaurrected as flesh and blood and get a second chance and still die.

    At the end of the 1000 years there is a second judgement. The last chance for flesh and blood to become imortals. After that there will be no chance and there will be only immortals. They will get a new earth.

    The purpose of God is to make a new race of man, indestructible, imperishable and eternal. A man with whom He can have comunion and a close relationship.

    The purpose of life is to have that kind of relationship with God, not to have a vain yard and a tree and a house. Those are conditions of flesh and blood humans in the millenial kingdom, but not the purpose of life!

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    The key is its all about Blood, everything in the Bible is about blood and death. The fact is that the God of the Bible and the people of the Bible were all about animal and human sacrifice. The Romans were forced to outlaw human sacrifes the Phoenicians/Cannanites we're still doing. One sick group of people.
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    Trying to make sense out of the bible is much like reading tea leaves. People can read into it whatever they want, but ultimately it makes no difference.
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    Because they are "washed in the blood" covenant of the Lamb. Matthew 26: 27&28 makes it clear that the only access to the blood that washes us clean is through the New Covenant.

    Doesn't logic tell you that nothing can be washed and cleansed in blood? Blood poured out of a living thing stains, ruins and putrefies.

    Try and step out of the religious indoctrination for a moment and see that this is an illogical statement, weird imagery and a teaching that no loving father would want to believe, that it is right to sacrifice your son - or anyone, for a principle.

  • Perry
    Try and step out of the religious indoctrination for a moment and see that this is an illogical statement,


    The idea of one person dying in exchange for many is perhaps the greatest story template written in every language and culture on this planet. It is the ultimate hero story, retold over and over in books, movies and campfire stories.

    Blood can be a metaphor for a death payment. I think you are getting hung up on the substance and not considering the rule that God made - "the wages of sin is death". That is God's rule. One could restate God's rule to say the wages of sin is spilled blood. Means the same thing.

    God defeated his enemy by providing a death payment with his own blood, for his own rule. It is accessible to "whosoever" as their personal payment.

    Yes, God bleeds. Acts 20: 28 "feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood" - KJV

    The price of free will, choice, and morality, which unlike all the animals we alone have, being made in God's image, is the possibility and reality of spilled blood, conflict and death. This is the reality of our world.

    It is not a world only of hot chocolate, expensive cars, and beach vacations. Lots of blood is spilled in our world, because of sin.

    Watch this movie clip to see how wrong you are in criticizing God for doing what he did.

    Here we have a judge and two men. Various Indian languages, French and English are spoken by the characters. Because Hawkeye can't speak French, but the English officer and the Chief can, he can't know that the offer of himself was translated wrong so that the English officer could sacrifice himself instead. Here two men are actually vying for the opportunity to pay the death price.

    Sacrificing yourself for others freedom is the greatest act of love, the pinnacle of human goodness, and we got that capability from God.

    I don't think the devil counted on this when he captured this species called humans through lies. Noble men and God himself know how to sacrifice one battle, in order to win the war.

    Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

    - Jesus of Nazareth

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    Village Idiot

    Sorry Perry but that movie is far more memorable than the 4 Gospels combined.

    Sacrifice is a common motif in the myths of Man but that simply means that the myth of Yeshua ben Yosef has the same roots as the rest of them.

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