How to spot: a single JW sister

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  • FayeDunaway

    A very attractive young sister in our old hall just got engaged to a brother that looks literally like a russet potato.

    Slim pickings for witness girls indeed!!

  • Autumnation4414

    We used to have what was called "the meat market" at our district conventions. It was always so fun to sit and watch these desperate sisters flirt and parade around. You could tell their main mission was to hook somebody.

    Way back when I was a JW, I resigned myself to the single life and was positive I would be single forever. But that's not what I wanted. I cried at the thought of my elderly self sitting at home alone. I had worked so hard to do all the things WT said to do to be a spiritual sister. Afterall, spirituality was what the brothers were supposed to be looking for, right? Nope. I quickly learned they could care less. They wanted the hottest chick. I was never about that. I worked hard on my inner self and even though I was intelligent, whitty and fun, no one bothered. I remember whem instant messaging first became popular and all the young JWs were on, I did an experiment where I pretended to be someone they didn't know. Low and behold, I had them in the palm of my hands, wanting to meet up when these same brothers would never even bother to say hello to me. Oh well, their loss. After I left I dated as I pleased. I never had to worry about the attention of men. I now have my man, a healthy relationship and a beautiful daughter. I couldn't be happier.

    My poor siblings are all single except 1 and will forever be. I feel for them because they will never know what its like to have the loving touch of the opposite sex. And speaking of sex, it's great and that's normal but they will never know that. It saddens me to the core. But that's the choice they made, not me.

  • LongHairGal


    I am glad you got out of that religion and found someone and have a happy life. It was my opinion that any single woman over 30 really had to look outside the religion if she wanted a man...and I am talking about good looking women!

    The religion is filled with attractive women who are over 30 who can't find somebody because the few good men are taken (and may have come into the religion already married).

    Most of these women (myself included) wanted NOTHING to do with the men leftover who were unattractive or just plain crazy!

    I know there are a lot of threads deriding single women in the religion and there are many jokes made about them.

    Too bad the demographics are not reversed!

    Then we would see hordes of desperate men, in which case the religion would get "new light" and they would be singing a different tune and saying how it is just fine to find somebody outside. Because, after all, men will always justify a way to get what THEY want.

    Anyway, more power to you for getting out of there and getting what YOU want and living life on YOUR terms!!

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