How to spot: a single JW sister

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  • purrpurr

    I remember this time of year when jw's desend en mass on one area. A fun game to play is "spot the..." Whatever jw walking stereotype you choose.

    So I thought I would play it with you guys, starting with how to spot a single JW sister.

    I say, she will be dressed up to the nines, probably over dressed in fact, have hair immaculately coffied, make up plastered on, towering heels and be smiling at every brother in site. All they need is a sign saying "pioneer, virgin, available for marriage!"

    Your turn... 😉

  • Freesoul

    I feel sorry for a lot of these young women, they would be in the 20's 30's and 40's and still virgins.

    They are not be allowed to experience life and do things according they their own conscience.

  • 88JM
    I bet they're not short of an electric toothbrush or two though.
  • possum

    Freesoul I just love this young woman (Apostate chick) she has taken back her power!!! All young witness girls need to see this.

  • Freesoul
    Possum I just love "Apostate Chick" I wish I could have been just like her when I was her age.
  • possum

    We left cult when our son was a teenager and he(now at uni) found her posts and has them on his google

    I love the lack of desperation and bitterness (apostate chick)

    So many nice young witnesses have a very small pool of eligible brothers/sisters to choose from which is also such a pity and often doesn't end happily.

  • Vidiot

    Apostatechick's been here a couple times and participates in JWPodcast.

    (major hottie, too! :blush:)

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Wow. Im not a fan of most hip-hop/rap but those lyrics and the composition were most enjoyable!
  • Sabin
    Possum, You are so right. Do you remember the drama I think it was about 3 years ago about 2 couples. One girl was only interested in looks, the other was all spiritual. Anyway they it was portrayed that the spiritual girl married the slightly odd JW boy & they went on to be successful in the mino & their marriage, where the other couple who married for looks & choose to have kids were unhappy & had wasted their lives. I remember sitting through it absolutely disgusted. In one foul scoop they had put down anybody who choose to have a family over the ministry. I felt so sorry for all the young couples in the audience, especially the young women who wanted nothing more than to have that. It`s no wonder so many witness kids are odd & end up in unhappy marriages. Someone needs to tell them theres plenty of fish in the sea. Get the hell out of the pond.

    How to spot: a single JW sister

    .....Your The Only "Single Man" Left At The Kingdom Hall!..

    ..................Image result for woman on mans leg

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