Geoffery Jackson Plan Against the Commission

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  • thedepressedsoul

    Geoffrey Jackson will attempt to DF them all, shun them, take away their privileges, write a WT article on them, have the elders talk to them, their family cut off ties with them, read them Watchtower articles, tell them they need to submit at least 10 hours per month etc...

    Then, the "Oh shit" look on his face moment when he realizes he has no power outside of his pinky ring club.

  • truthseeker100

    I still say a fake heart attack or stroke is on the horizon. It would be the perfect card for the GB to play at this time.It would shift the focus for the dubs off the Royal Commission and put it right back on the governing body.

    The dubs could then concentrate on praying for the governing body, no testimony, and a long medical convalescence some where nice where questions can't be asked because of medical directives of his doctor.

    With their money and connections they can easily pull something like this off. If I were in the same position that's exactly what I would do.

  • LostGeneration

    i think he is stuck, run now and everyone sees and it looks even worse.

    As far as strategy, I have no clue. How do you defend that record?? I cant wait to see what Angus has in store for him.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer
    How do you defend that record?? I cant wait to see what Angus has in store for him.

    I think the strategy will have to be this: 1. Jackson will defend past policy as an honest--though perhaps flawed--attempt to abide by public policy on mandatory reporting. 2. He will further express appreciation to the Royal Commission for its initiative to move Australia toward a uniform public policy in relation to mandatory reporting, whatever that might require of Watchtower and its appointees. 3. Otherwise he will offer as much cooperation as the Commission requests related to the matter of responding to reports of child molestation.

    Note: By "perhaps flawed" what I mean is that Jackson will admit the Commission has highlighted a legal obligation previously interpreted by Watchtower to mean something different that the Commission has argued, and on that point Watchtower is actively seeking senior legal advice and intends to fully comply with that finding whatever it is.

  • Vidiot

    Sure, he'll try to do that.

    But will the RC - at this stage in the game - let him get away with it?

    With the whole world watching?

  • pepperheart
    they acussed the jw lawyer of trying to mislead them so i dont think they will stand for much nonsense
  • brandnew

    I lurked a little on pro jw sites today......and they are talkin about.

    "Lets pray for brother jackson" .... Its rather funny if you ask me......doesnt he have direct access to the "MAN" supposedly?

  • crazyhorse
    I think he will go with honesty. He will admit that there are flaws. He will do this just to "prove" to dubs that the org is very honest to worldly governments . the most honest of all religions.
  • Lehman

    Angus will ask the most awkward questions,everyone of the elders were made to look stupid,Jackson will be no different.

    Cant wait to see that Toole and Tokley squirming in their seats,hope the cameras on them

  • punkofnice

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