Scottish Convention Revelation!

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Some Circuit Overseer gave a talk and made this statement - "Jehovah will very soon resurrect millions of people....."

    "Soon" is so old hat now - "very soon" will become the new buzz words in J.W.-land.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury
    Imaginary deities cant "do" anything. Until they prove he exists and gives a shit, anything beyond that is wishful thinking.
  • Saintbertholdt
    soon...very soon...super soon...super super soon...If you are a young person, you also need to face the fact that you will never grow old in this present system of things...Unfortunately, however, along with such cautionary information, there were other statements published that implied that such realization of hopes by that year was more of a probability than a mere possibility. It is to be regretted that these latter statements apparently overshadowed the cautionary ones and contributed to a buildup of the expectation already initiated...soon...very soon...
  • notsurewheretogo
    Was that Steve Taylor or Andrew Hine that said that? Andrew Hine is notorious for saying the new system is literally here
  • 88JM

    I didn't think it could get any more boring than yesterday but it did.

    That bit about elders not being like Pharisees and more like Jesus was a good laugh. Remind me who is holding the judicial committees again?

  • blondie

    very soon

    very soon now

    w13 08/15 p. 23-27 pp19

    Very soon now, that day will be here, and Jehovah will destroy every part of Satan’s world.

    *** w11 7/1 pp. 5-6 Why Does Life Seem Meaningless? ***

    Very soon now, he will begin bringing the earth back to the perfect state he originally purposed

    *** km 11/07 p. 1 par. 3 Walk as Wise Persons ***

    Very soon now this old system of things will end

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    I haven't a clue which C.O. said it - I am so trying to tune out while I'm there.

    We are only attending due to an "unforeseen situation" leaving us no way out, but it won't happen again.

    So this is our last ever convention. :) Gave up assemblies over a year ago.


    "Like a Premature.........................." - That's really soon for some ! [Too late too late she cried ! ]

  • millie210

    Well given the fact that (according to them) the Great Tribulation has to play out and then Armageddon plus all the stuff that has to happen politically before that even those two events, how could it be soon?

    Is it before the new facilities they are building are finished in New York? Or after?

    How soon is soon?

  • doofdaddy
    The watchtower was saying we were in the dying seconds of the old system back in the 80's.

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