New T-shirt logo: I survived the memorial.........

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    Your experience was so similar to mine last night! I didn't even have a chance to enter the hall before the love bombing began. My wife and I were like, "Oh, boy - here it comes..." I could relate to almost every experience you shared.

    Don't worry - you weren't alone last night. I was right there with you, bro!


  • eyes_opened
    And then one day her JW world crumbled -- while in field service she was in a car accident, more scared than hurt, and this led to an epiphany: she was living a fake life, serving something she didn't believe in and hadn't believed in for years

    I think that there are proably many, many witnesses who are simply going through the motions just like your mom. I know that is what I did for all of my witness life. None of it ever felt real to me or seemed right, but I went through the motions, not wanting to make waves because my mind tried to tell my heart...well look at all these other people, who I know to be good people and THEY think it's the truth, and look how happy THEY are. There must just be something wrong with ME. That's why I have vowed to not let this happen to my children. I want them to grow up and be able to look at the world with a mind unclouded by indoctrination of men. I want to raise them to be responsible, caring people who are able to think for themselves!
    They are good boys and seem to have inherited their daddies easy going nature <thank heavens> *grin*


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