Evolution is not even a theory! So says the WTBTS writing dept!!

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  • Vidiot

    Finkelstein - "Biological evolution isn't a theory anymore its an accepted and proven science. Its was a proposed theory in Darwin's day."

    Prescient observation; well said.

    And these days, the "theory" aspect of it is not if it takes place, but how.

  • Phizzy

    We seem to have the age old problem here of people not understanding the use of the word "Theory" in the Scientific world.

    A Scientific Theory is not something that is unproven, that would be a Hypothesis, the word Theory is used by Science to show that an area of study is not closed and finished, new discoveries will add to the Theory.

    The JDubs seem to think that the word Theory is used by Scientists like the bloke down the Pub who says "I have a theory ...".

    Evolution is, as Fink says, proven and accepted Science, not accepted by ignorant Bible Literalists/Creationists like J.W.s of course. But rational people who lead evidence based lives have no problem with it, be they believers or not.

  • Finkelstein

    Its not surprising when religious leaders demean something that potentially invalidates their own position and acquired power these men have.

    Add in the fact that the majority of GB men have never acquired their own level of higher education in the established sciences, the bible and belief in ancient mythology offers something much more tangible to embrace and uphold. Religionists see human ignorance as something much more useful and exploitable to meet their own personal agendas.

    To quote Gerrit Lösch a present member of the GB " Pursuing higher education is like putting a gun to your head "

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