Liberal JW's

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  • Maxee

    Waiting so true[Maybe we just never bought the program as strongly as some others]I was one of the others that bought it 100% +

    If only they could just get a glimpse of a smidgion of reality. The claim of the happiest people in the world triggers off alarm bells inside me still! Feelings of questioning where my headspace was naivety, embarrasement for allowing myself to be lulled in this very same spirit.
    Once I made the break and started to have faith not only in a God but in my own decisions and conscience I discovered a real contrast to the happiest people in the worlds..

  • mgm

    My family is very busy in field service and so on, so called "hardliners". My parents really sacrifice their time for that work. My brothers and sisters are the same, since they were teenagers.
    But me, I was always different. I just kept doing it because of family. I made always the minimum. Why?
    I felt since long, some teachings are just strange and can not be true. With help of the internet, I figured out the "truth about the truth". "
    But until now, I'm still a "neutral witness" because of family reasons....

  • mgm

    Dubby, you said:
    " So, it's sort of a "don't ask, don't tell" situation."
    I know that situation very well. You feel like, do they have doubts like me. How can I start telling them, or shall I be quit....or how does this brother think about this point....

  • african GB Member
    african GB Member

    JW's will have to stop DF'ing to be considered liberal

    african GB member

  • moomanchu

    Good thread,

    Basicly I think your brother is a hypocrite and you were not.

    I was a hypocrite and then decided I didn't want to be one.

    Lots of JW's float along.To them it's just a social club.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    The life you describe is the one lead by the PO I knew who said "this would be the best way of life even if this weren't the 'TRUTH' ". He didn't live like it was the truth. I didn't respect him because he spoke to others and expected them to be hardliners when he himself didn't walk the walk. Hate the SOB for that hypocrsy. W.Once

  • moomanchu

    Just noticed this thread is from 2000 .

    At least the "apostate" teachings hold up to the test of time. LOL

    Wasanelder I know exactly what you mean. Our hall had some very, very wealthy elders, they didn't do shit when it came

    to pioneering or other unsavory JW activities.

  • AllTimeJeff

    There are smart, liberal (for JW's that is) congregations. Elders who don't get their panties in a wad when someone mentions they watch Star Wars, Survivor, and even some controversial movies, like Sophies Choice. (small attempt at humor there, you get my point..)

    I always believe that these liberal JW's are the low hanging fruit that will leave if pushed. I counted my self as a liberal JW while I was in...

  • garybuss

    In the 60's the United States west coast was the liberal wing of the Witness movement. Here in the midwest, the Witnesses didn't drink (they did smoke), they typically didn't dance to popular music, they were not easy to confuse with the worldlies. The typical midwest Witness was so tense you couldn't have pulled a pin out of their ass with a bulldozer.

    That made them a little un-fun to be around.

  • shopaholic

    Garybuss, you are spot on.

    Its very difficult to be a liberal witness in the midwest even if you are a productive witness with a title (pioneer, MS, elder, CO). People watch your every move and force you to conform. If you don't conform, they are basically watching the clock and waiting for you to slip-up. LOL...They're a bunch of holy-rollers that believe all west coast witnesses are going to be destroyed.

    When you leave the midwest, you find that congregations varies greatly...from 'go to college so that you can support yourself' to 'if you really love jehovah just clean the toilet and pioneer'. From "get your own place so you know whats its like to manage your own finances" to "don't leave your parents house until you get married even if you're 60 years old".

    I don't think liberal JWs are more likely to leave than the militant ones. It depends when either are willing to see that there really is no Wizard but just the little men behind the curtain.

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