JW attitudes on women - why beneficial

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  • outnfree

    Oh! About that "attitudes have changed ... it's the old guys who don't get it"?:
    If only that very newly baptised brother HAD been an older man! But he wasn't. Just arrogrant. Only about 24. And showed absolutely NO RESPECT for MY grayheadedness!!! (which I cover with hair dye, BTW)

    Welcome, IslandWoman! I've posted on H2O as JR93 and so have "met" you.


  • myMichelle
    -Tergiversator, of the When Do I Stop Being a Newbie Class?

    20 posts.

    Thanks for the post, Tergiversator (whew! that's tricky),

    When I first saw it, I was worried, thought I'd have to pop in here and lay some pre-historic concept of women and "their place" to rest, glad to see I was wrong.

    Welcome to the board,

  • twvsnt

    Hi IslandWoman, I love your posts on the other boards but I lost the e-mail address could you e-mail the address to me thanks !!!!

  • Flowerpetal

    I have decided to let my grayheadedness continue for a while--till I have enough to be blonde without my hair turning red when I try a blonde hair color! LOL

    And before I become blonde, and if anyone is disrespectful of me (brothers included) I will point to my hair and say, how many gray hairs do you see? If he says "a lot" then I will say "I earned every one of them so I have a right to speak my mind, kid."

  • Spook
    Anyone else out there find that the attitudes toward women helped them leave, rather than keep them trapped?

    Yes, and I'm a guy!

    Belief that an all powerful all good being would choose to create a harmful inequality between men and women which produced untold suffering through all of human life is preposterous. This idea was created by opportunistic bronze age jews AND IT SHOWS.

    Secular morals and rational struggle have given us the degree of equality and progress the West does enjoy.

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