Oh My God, we associated with "worldly people!"

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  • ToesUp

    And the outcome....we had a BLAST! Guess what? No sex on the table with the other mate (swapping), no cocaine snorting or weed smoking. Just a GREAT time! Nothing else. And....we will not end up in the back room Thursday evening. WTF! I thought our life was to go to sh*t if we left . Not so much! lol So much fun...no judgement!

    Anyone else enjoying life? Hope so!

  • cofty
    Happy days!
  • cognac

    Awwww, that's so awesome!!!

    Today my 6 year old insisted on a birthday cake. So, we celebrated her birthday. Again. It is not her birthday, lol

  • ListlessWitness

    I too had a blast. No keys in a bowl. Not even heavy drinking. Just Cards against Humanity.

    The weirdest thing? Every time the wife of the host couple made a less than respectful comment to her hubby, it really felt awkward to me, having decades of respect for headship drummed into me. So I came to realise something...real men don't give a shit if their wives give as good as they get (or better!) It was all jolly japes! Ahhhh, the freedom.

  • ToesUp


    Go for it! The "worldly people" we associated with today want to celebrate my Birthday later this month. I have NEVER had ANYONE want to celebrate my birthday with me! I don't think anyone really knows my actual birth date. Wow...that's tough to admit.

    Enjoy the day Cognac...enjoy your 6 year olds birth date. Life's too short!!!

  • possum

    All that fear "if you leave the safety of the organisation" you"ll be in the gutter and begging us to come back...........same here no wife swapping just gardening clubs, book clubs and some really good concerts!!!!! What if we actually enjoyed being alive now and don't wait till we get a pet lion in new syst?

  • ToesUp

    As Robin Williams said in the movie, Dead Poets Society. "Carpe diem. Seize the day Boys. Make your lives extraordinary."

    All you Ex JW's..."Carpe Diem!"

  • pepperheart
    also another wordly pastime is Freerice.com its a website owned by the world food programe a united nations charity and its got lots of different subjects basic maths spanish english and you choose the subject that you want so in basic maths you would get a question like 2x6= and a chouce of four answers if you get the answer right the sponsors pay for 10 grains of rice that the WFP's own people take to many different parts of the world,of course because people all over the world are playing it mounts up to many millions of grains of rice per day all for free and of course people and children learn as well.If you go on youtube you can see what NBC news has to say about Freerice.com
  • Captain Schmideo2
    Captain Schmideo2

    "Cards Against Humanity?" You are definitely not participating in upbuilding conversation, sister!

    (By the way, spell-check flags "upbuilding" whenever I type it. Must be another bogus JW word...)

  • millie210

    How awesome pepperheart!

    Thank you for the heads up on that.

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