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  • defender of truth
    defender of truth
    The following article about the Catholic Church is equally applicable to the Watchtower Society.
    ""Tell me," he asked, "how can I have confidence in anything? How can I believe in the Bible, in God, or have faith? Just ten years ago we Catholics had the absolute truth, we put all our faith in this. Now the pope and our priests are telling us this is not the way to believe any more, but we are to believe 'new things.' How do I know the 'new things' will be the truth in five years?"" Awake! 1970 Apr 22 p.8
  • defender of truth
  • defender of truth
  • Giordano

    When my wife and I left the 'truth' after realizing that it wasn't.........Jehovah and Jesus were put on the back burner. God had always been silent in my life so by that point in time I saw no need to try to stay with and believe in a bad translation of that silence.

    The Von Daniken book was published about then: "Erich von Däniken was a leading proponent of this hypothesis in the late 1960s and early 1970s, gaining a large audience through the 1968 publication of his best-selling book Chariots of the Gods? and its sequels.............The origins of many religions are interpreted by von Däniken as reactions to encounters with an alien race..............." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_astronaut_hypothesis#Erich_von_D.C3.A4niken

    The funny thing was that his theories felt no more outlandish then the WT teachings....they were also a great deal more fun and historically interesting.

    I was struck, after looking at the books pictures, how most of the gods looked and acted like the people that had built a worship around them.

    In short mankind was making it up......filling in the blanks so to speak. I came to a simple conclusion........... the god's didn't create us we created the gods and did so in our own image.

    The old testament was a perfect example of this......it was a construct that mirrored the beliefs, traditions and the culture of the Jewish people. It was a speculation of their prehistory then a blueprint of how they lived , fought, thought and believed.

    The WTBTS has evolved it's own belief system but one that fit their corporate persona.......... in fact the WT dogma did not become a religion until Rutherford decided to rebrand the old Bible students as the JW's so the Society could apply for a religious tax exemption in 1934 or there about.

    Because they had been a publishing house (and now a real estate investment company) this new religion was launched as the religious arm of the WTBTS complete with it's corporate culture as part of it's dogma.

    Basically I came to feel that they had made it up just as every religion has made it up.

  • Vidiot

    re. the OP...

    The Biblical accounts that current circumstances most remind me of are the ones in which God used the pagan nations to bitch-slap the Isrealites when they got too far out of line... and (according to Xtian theology) he eventually washed his hands of them.

    ...and I say this as an agnostic.

  • NoIdeaWhatToBelieve

    @Vidiot, I still have a voice in my head that is telling me that this might be the case now. God is disciplining his people using secular authorities in order to put them back on the right track...

    And even if I know it's not the case, I still find myself looking for excuses or explanations as to why this is happening.

    Not sure how to explain things better... so please bare with me... right now I have a lot of contradictory thoughts. Some are based on logic and what I researched and others are based on what I considered to be true for more than 20 years.

  • millie210

    Hi Noidea, and welcome!

    Many of us here are trying to unlearn and relearn and just plain learn in general.

    For the most part,people here are extremely kind and helpful. Dont feel you have to rush or get anywhere quickly. Its ok to stand there and let the sand run through your fingers and simply be empty for a bit. Keep reading and asking questions and educate yourself and you will not regret it.

    Really glad you are here.

  • Vidiot

    @ NoIdea...

    Yeah, I've been there.

  • NoIdeaWhatToBelieve

    @defenderoftruth, @Giordano, @millie210 thank you. I am taking things slowly and most of my spare time I am researching, reading...

    @Vidiot What helped you get through that?

  • Vidiot



    Do you happen to have the niggling "what if they're right" thought going on in the back of your head?

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