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  • NoIdeaWhatToBelieve

    Hello all,

    I am new here. I was very hooked on the RC videos, really interesting to watch. I started questioning stuff a couple of months ago.

    However there is still a scenario that makes me wonder. Considering the Israelites as God's chosen people and the kings as anointed, the Bible shows many bad decisions the people made, including the rulers that were anointed. How was that possible? And the decisions that rulers made affected many people negatively, but they remained chosen for a long time.

    Any thoughts on this? Can this be the case now?

    (Not sure i chose the best subject area ... If i didn't sorry for that, this is my first post)


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Welcome Noidea....

    Don't take this too harshly but if you look at Greek Mythology you find that the Gods conveniently have "human" attributes that are played out in their various roles in the pantheon of deities. They are petty, jealous, violent and show all the aspects of humanity. Jehovah was a harvest God for the Jews and older civilizations before. Now you can research and find out WITHOUT WT indoctrination the TTATT. (The truth about the truth). In time you will come to sound conclusions about the Bible and other subjects. Me? I have little trust for tribal writings any longer. Nice post, thanks! Stay informed.

  • OneEyedJoe

    You pose the exact example that I use to explain my stance to separate myself from the watchtower society. Many times in the Bible the ones who were "just following orders" so to speak were punished for following someone that they presumed was gods chosen representative, when that person or entity was violating gods commands. It happened with many bad kings and it happened in the first century when loyal Jews were killed when Rome destroyed Jerusalem.

    Personally, I don't believe that the watchtower society was ever "gods organization" but explaining it this way seems to make it more palatable to active jws. I think there's plenty of examples in the Bible that demonstrate that each one is responsible before god not only for their own actions, but also for their allegiances. It would be wise, therefore, to examine the organization to determine if it really is the standard of moral purity that one would expect (and indeed that it claims to be) from gods chosen representatives.

  • freemindfade

    Welcome my friend.

    I personally do not believe the bible is the word of a supreme being, you still do so I will discuss not how I feel about the bible not being gods word but just about if god did have a chosen people.

    Think about Jesus. He showed up on the scene to upset the current chosen people situation no? There are other examples in the bible where justice for corrupt ones was executed. Witnesses will take the David and Saul story and twist that into no matter what you have to follow the GB.

    I suggest in all kindness and since you are new and we are happy you are here. Put down the bible for a minute and pick up steven hassans book on cults. Or crisis of concious and see how the organization has dealt with those who stand up for right like Barbara and Ray.

    I look forward to getting to know you and hearing more of your thoughts.


  • NoIdeaWhatToBelieve

    Thanks for your posts... Did not expect to receive any so quickly...

    I am going to read Crisis of Conscience cause I have heard a lot of mentions regarding this book.

    And yes, I still believe in the Bible. I was brought up as a JW so you understand that for many many years I never questioned anything. Lately I started to question more and more... Seeing what was till recent hidden due to the advice given not to read or search on your own, I was and still am shocked.

    I think I have a long way to research and see for myself, but this was a question I was wondering and since I've been following this forum lately, I thought I could ask some opinions.

    Thanks a lot

  • freemindfade
    It's good. Your doing the right thing. Can't wait to hear your story. Did the ARC have anything to do with moving you to join/read the forum?
  • NoIdeaWhatToBelieve

    I joined before the ARC. What made me think about stuff was an idea i heard at the KH that raised a question mark, so I decided to google stuff even though in my mind I kept thinking I shouldn't.

    And I came across this forum and a couple of websites. When the ARC began I watched most of the videos posted and got more and more angrier. Haven't heard of such stories until now... Can't even begin to imagine how the victims must have felt.

    So I will keep you posted with what I'll do next

  • Lemonp

    Your scenario is a valid one, however it has a key flaw.

    The Israelites were directly chosen by god, they saw miracles, heard his voice, etc etc. Thus the kings had his backing etc etc.

    The Organization was never chosen by god, there were no miracles, voices from heaven, not even a single fulfilled prophecy. The "love" within the Org is viciously used as a tool to keep people in and punish those who leave, and even that is shown to be a lie when you realize the sheer scope of the pedophile problem that has been created by the Org's rules.

    1914 is a lie (research this) and copying the Israelites does not mean you ARE the Israelites!

  • Saintbertholdt

    Hi there NoIdeaWhatToBelieve,

    the Bible shows many bad decisions the people made...but they remained chosen for a long time...Can this be the case now? [With regards to the RC hearings]

    This could conceivably be the case. However the organization has a history of mistakes and even willful deception spanning over 100 years. These errors, omissions and deceptions stack up over the decades and eventually one has to wonder on what conceivable basis God could have chosen the Watchtower organization.

    Now as you mentioned the book 'Crisis of Conscience' would be a good place to start.

    For the 607 BCE controversy 'The Gentile Times reconsidered' is a good read if you're into ancient archaeology and Watchtower biblical chronology.

    For how the Watchtower organization derived its authority from the year 1918, 'Captives of a concept' is a good book. It goes into what the organization actually believed in 1918 and how Jesus could not have chosen the Watchtower organization at that time.

  • NoIdeaWhatToBelieve

    Lemonparty.org that is a very good point and I will research more regarding the failed prophecies and the year 1914.

    And regarding the ARC highlights, that's exactly what I was watching right now.


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