Sex and the Governing Body!

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  • nicolaou

    Considering the amount of sexual counsel that comes out of this doddering group of old men, I was wondering when was the last time any of them actually had sex?!

    I need a shower.



  • Fredhall

    I wander do you ask the same question regarding yourself.

  • Gopher

    Brilliant answer mr. Fredhall.

    You said "I wander"..... Your mind does wander quite a lot!

    Nic asked a valid question. Come to think of it, the GB's minds must wander a lot lately too.


  • Fredhall

    Look do we have here? It is Mr. Gopher who has sex while having a bag over his face.

  • trevor

    Good question Nic,

    To really enjoy sex it is nessesary to be uninhibited.
    I have yet to meet an uninhibited JW because being a JW
    is in itself an inhibition. The biggest turn on for the
    Bethel Boppers is talking about it. That's why elders
    compete to sit on a commitee, so they can interogate
    wayward sisters and get to all the juicy bits.

  • Tallyman
    Considering the amount of sexual counsel
    that comes out of this doddering group of old men,
    I was wondering when was the last time any of them actually had sex?!


    Ah yes, the Sects Life of the Watchtowerkult Leadership...
    well, first comment would be to say, in their case, we do NOT think
    Experience has been their Best Teacher...

    And for a Goof, I goofed off several years ago when I had a run-in
    with a WT TrueBeliever out on the Usenet boards who was preaching about jehovah god's "Healthy" organization, and will recycle
    this bit of fluff - ( trying to be more of a "Green" )

    How can one possibly be TOO Goofy when describing
    such a Goofball Organization??


    Oy! I realized the first time around the thing took up way too much
    scrolling space here, and webpages are so E-Z to make...
    and thanks, Nic, for showing me a new word today:
    'doddering' - heee. You Brits!

    So, that would make the old farts on the Governing Body a bunch of
    Dirty Old Dodders ?

  • Farkel

    : Kuban Seegars


    I once mentioned that Da Judge smoked cigars and was asked where I got my information. Frankly, I had forgotten where I read it. Do you have any evidence you can share that he did in fact, smoke cigars?


  • TR

    Thanks again Fred, for your insightful comments. I do pray to Christ that you are a real JW.


  • Tallyman


    You say, where is the evidence in writing that Da Judge smoked cigars?

    Welll, you won't find it in any Watchtower Literature.

    I first learned it from listening to the OldTimers's Testimony and Bethel ScuttleButt, when I was at the Big House.
    This, from Old Dudes who had been "burned" by Da Judge in some way and didn't hesitate to tell what a Hypokrite he was.

    Like, when Rutherford outright banned tobacco use at Bethel through writing in the Watchtower mag in 1935, he continued to puff on the stogies.
    The Do As I Say Not As I Do kinda thing.

    A book you might want to seek out though, is:
    "Rutherford Uncovered" by Richard Felix, written in the 1930s.

    Ditto for a booklet written entitled:
    "Judge "For Four Days" Rutherford" written by catholic writer named
    Curran during the same period.

    There are some juicy pictures floating around out there that show the
    embarrasing side of the Watchtower... that are hard to find too.

    Here's one I pulled off Ken Raines site, speaking of juice...

    "Booze" Rutherford (seated, with hat), 2nd Watchtower president, circa. end of Prohibition.


  • Fredhall

    Hey Mr. Prozac Tallyman,

    I do not see anything wrong with this picture. I wander when was the last time you took shot a some booze? Or are you still a little boy?

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