How are Pro-JW sites handling the RC situation ???

by RubaDub 41 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • steve2

    The nonlink on worked real good for me! As expected, I found out absolutely nothing from the sole channel of "truth" in the entire planet.

  • jwleaks
    The nonlink on worked real good for me! As expected, I found out absolutely nothing from the sole channel of "truth" in the entire planet.

    Evidently Geoffrey Jackson is in charge of the web site. Part of his ultimate power within the religion over all and sundry, including the Watchtower Society in Australia.

  • RubaDub

    I had a bit more time yesterday to generally check out other websites and overall things seem to be more quiet than I expected (many hoping this just goes away I think).

    Rub a Dub

  • millie210

    Yes they are quiet because they truly dont know what to do with this information.

    Is it persecution?

    No - its factual AND the government turning on religion thing isnt supposed to be them first!

    so it cant be that.................

    Is it apostates?

    No, the Royal Commission is a large body of people investigating everyone, not just the JWs....

    cant be that......

    Is the Governing Body a man made invention who changes what the "holy spirit" directs according to legal pressure after their outrageous rules come to light?


    cant be that......

  • freddo

    Many will be reading but afraid to comment for fear of being ostracised by the herd. They are like the iceberg under the surface.

    Think about it. Those that frequent these sites and who are hardcore jw's will post all "good things" and yap on in their cult mindset. Those that aren't hardcore will be fearful of posting. But their cogs will be turning. They will grind slowly but they will grind fine.

    And then they will be reminded about contributions to build new KH's... and the cogs will turn. And then their kingdom hall will close ... and the cogs will turn. Eventually some of them will wake up.

  • Heaven
    As I said to my Father a few years back, even one pedophile in all the Jehovah's Witnesses says that this is not God's organization. He couldn't argue that. I think a lotta dubs are gonna be wondering this too.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    The pro-JW sites are quiet because I suspect that, deep down, most JWs understand that the Borg does in fact have a paedophile 'problem'.

    The RC has used only WT publications and the Ozzie branch's files throughout, so squealing about 'Satanic lies' just doesn't work.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2
    Wait.....there are "pro" JW websites? Oh man.....those must be hilarious. All of the ones with intelligent people seemed to phase out 10 plus years ago.
  • Vidiot

    "The cognitive dissonance! It burns!!!"


    Know what's really funny (that I never saw coming)?

    We're seeing loyal JWs calling each other "apostates" over this!

  • millie210

    Oh yes......there still are a few sites floating around. I belong to one. My original goal when I could no longer get rational thoughts from the brains of my local elders over my personal situation was to write the Org. They seemed to waffle back and forth and come up with lame solutions such as me just "staying busy in the work" ( (I was already pioneering with 13 bible studies - most of them attending meetings and 3 already unbaptized pubs. so exactly how I was to be "more" busy was never clearly stated) and another big favorite line "just move on, the past is the past".

    So baffled, I joined a PRO JW site and I joined here. My goal was to get the ying and yang of thoughts.

    Within less than a week it was clear to me that anything I was going to learn about spirituality, accuracy and how to really cope was going to come from THIS site and not the other. They are too busy trying to "out spiritual" one another to think about true and accurate knowlege in any form.

    I still remain a member and occasionally read there, it reminds me of being at the dinner table with my extended family. lol. Sad but true.

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