1975 - After 26 years isn't it time to move on?

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    patio says

    Many who have discovered all of this are appalled and want to keep the issues alive so others can get their lives back. It springs from love for fellow humans.

    Very nice summary



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    Love dubs says:

    There are people who say that just because they werent there for it the HOLACAUST also didnt happen. That it is Jewish Urban Legend made up to trump up sympathy. If its OLD news and we should just move on, perhaps all the OlD news in the Bible which is 2000 years old, we should just move past too? If a person lied to you and lied to you and lied to you...why would you believe them when they tell you anything now? Just because what they said was in the past? Just because they are now labeling it a "mistake" and not THEIR mistake but the SHEEP'S mistake somehow its now irrelevant and never happened or was greatly exaggerated? Tell me how 3 million people all came to the EXACT same conclusions at the EXACT same time if that "conclusion was not careful orchestrated and PLACED there for them to "conclude"? I suggest strongly you go look at what your innocent Society wrote to create this fervor.

    All i got to say is :

    U GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • digderidoo

    Some good comments have come from this thread. I must say they have influenced my opinion (which is often difficult).

    I take the points that many had there education influenced by this...It is something i can relate to.

    I was baptised at 15 (in 1985)...the belief was, that armaggeddon was just around the corner. So i auxiliary pioneered in my holidays...then began to regular pioneer when i left school. All because we were told it was pointless getting an education. By the time my first child came along at the age of 23 all i could do was clean windows.

    The society has alot to answer for.

    You ask, 'do you think that their mistakes disqualify them as being the mouthpc of God as they claim?'
    I cannot answer your question, for the simple fact that i do not believe in God at all...or at least the bibles perception of God. I think that their mistakes disqualify them from saying they have 'the truth'...however a mouthpc of God, I cannot answer if i do not believe in him.
    I take your point that little research is needed when you have the internet.
    As for spoiling education oppurtunities...i can relate to that as i previously mentioned.
    You ask my current status...
    I have left the org for about 6 or 7 years now...i have never been disfellowshipped. I have thought of disassociating myself...but i do not want to play that game...if they want to disfellowship me they can, tho now i think i'm viewed as no threat, so they do not bother. However, i am not a jw.

    Take your point about lack of education...as previously mentioned.
    You mention the generation of 1914...that was what made me pioneer...the thought that this generation were into their 70's at the time.
    I understand how that year of 1975 had 'a major impact on our lives'.

    You mention you 'take issue with the comment didn't take responsibility for themselves'....i made this comment regarding the WTS, that they 'blamed individual witnesses and didn't take any responsibility themselves'. Sorry for the confusion.

    You make the comment that ask a JW about it and they denie it as no big deal. That is what i would have said before reading these comments.

    You respond to tina quite well in my defence...however what was quoted about people taking responsibility for themselves was not meant as that, as you can see from my reply to tina. I said..'i understand the point that the society blamed individual witnesses and didn't take any responsibility themselves'...not 'for themselves' as tina thought.

    Take the point that it has robbed the best years of peoples lives.

    I guess i feel the same when it comes to having the patience to research this. Especially when it didn't affect me.

    The WTS is not 'my innocent society'....i have many issues with the society, as much as anyone else on this site.

    Alan F
    Thanks for your response...i was interested to see whether you'd respond to this thread. It was because of one of your posts on 1975 that made me wonder why you were doing this research.
    I take your point that many lives were ruined because of the 1975 issue.
    After reading a bit about your experiences i can see why this issue is an important one for you.
    I get the feeling from your last comments that you feel that i may still be a witness. Let me assure you that i am not.

    I can see from reading these posts how it has affected many people who were around that year.

    I guess when i first poised the question...i felt that those who researched 1975 were only doing this because of anti-jw sentiments. I now realise that many were affected and had their years robbed...just as i did, at a later date.

    Yours dig

    Try to add life to your days, not days to your life.

  • JT


    I cannot answer your question, for the simple fact that i do not believe in God at all...or at least the bibles perception of God. I think that their mistakes disqualify them from saying they have 'the truth'...however a mouthpc of God, I cannot answer if i do not believe in him.


    you and i share a number of issues in common

    you are indeed a GOOD MAN


  • Sunnygal41

    I only have one analogy, and to some this may seem rather extreme, but I lived through the chaos and destruction 1975 did to people. My question/analogy is this: Do you think that the world should stop talking about Hitler and What Happened to Everyone back then?

    Nuff said,


  • AlanF

    Hi Didgeridoo,

    I'm glad that your interest in the 1975 question was academic rather than defensive. I'm also glad that you understand why many ex-JWs keep exposing the Watchtower -- they have a deep interest in the welfare of others and don't want to see 'sheep' continue to be deceived, or like the many 'silentlambs' out there, abused.


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