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  • stephenw20

    For years I erroneously associated GOD with the JWS. I held my contempt for GOD as he was part of the JWS

    Thankfully last year that ended. I see the father as a unfathomable creator with a son who has done things we could only hope to learn how to.

    The spiritual practice is one of reading the bible, having faith in the sacrifice, trying to catch gods response in prayer, and meditaion when possible.

    Its abotu for me developing a side of us we are told to ignore as a JW SPIRIT.

    its quite funny the word ~paradise~ is mentioned three times in the bible, yet so much JW hope rests on it. NO talks on spirit are given , since it would lead to too many questions about the unnecessary nature of the fleshly body. The life to develop beyond thisone for me is in the spirit.Its ageless, timeless, has no pain, and does not get tired.


  • Introspection

    Larc, I have no interest in arguing the point. As I do not follow the pagan path, I cannot speak for them. I suppose there are those who does define Pagan as anything other than Christian. This may be hard for you to believe, but I have no need to fixate on identity or pass any judgement anymore, that is why I take this attitude. I see each individual for who they are, and for that matter if you'd like to tell me what pagan means for you I'd be happy to hear it and keep it in mind as I speak to you in the future. I suppose the most general definition according to the dictionary would be one who has no religion. I myself don't have any formal religion, but I do have certain beliefs, some of which may be considered Christian depending on who I'm talking to. So, even though I don't belong to "organized" religion, strictly speaking I cannot consider myself Pagan and some may not even consider me Christian.

    So my answer in a nutshell is that I do not regard my own view of what is Pagan or Christian as important, therefore it is not that I will not give you a straight answer, it is because there is no "straight" answer in my case.

  • patio34

    Introspection and Larc,

    Maybe I missed the point somewhere in this thread, but what about the large group of people who are scientifically minded and don't really have anything much to say about religious views?

    A pagan is one who worships a 'false' god, isn't it? What about Jews, etc. And agnostics/atheists?

    To say 'Christian or pagan' would be like saying 'white or black' for races of people--there are many many more.


  • Sunchild

    Hm, it looks like there's a reason for me to be here after all. <g> I don't know how many of us there are here, but I'm a Pagan myself (more precisely, I practice Wicca), and here's a basic definition that works okay for me:

    Paganism is based on the worship of nature. Modern Paganism, or Neo-Paganism, incorporates twenty-first century knowledge with the traditions of ancient indigenous cultures. Pagans believe that no one belief system is correct and that each person should have the freedom to chose the path that is right for them.

    Neopagans (Neo-Pagans) usually shorten their self-definition to just Pagan.

    Here's where the quote came from:

    Hope this helps!


    "Most men complacently accept 'knowledge' as 'truth'. They are sheep, ruled by fear."
    -- Sydney Losstarot, "Vagrant Story."

    (Edited for a missing "and.")

  • Introspection

    Patio, I certainly am not excluding others, however I was responding to Larc and this particular thread just happens to be about what people are doing along the lines of religious practice.

  • Introspection

    Just to clarify, I was just using Christian and Pagan as examples in the original message. I am open to hearing about anything else that falls in this category. I don't believe I made any statements to exclude any groups.

  • COMF

    pa·gan (pa'g?n) -
    1. One who is not a Christian, Muslim, or Jew, especially a worshiper of a polytheistic religion.
    2. One who has no religion.
    3. A non-Christian.
    4. A hedonist.
    5. A Neo-Pagan.
    1. Not Christian, Muslim, or Jewish.
    2. Professing no religion; heathen.
    3. Neo-Pagan.
    [Middle English, from Late Latin paganus, from Latin, country-dweller, civilian, from pagus, country, rural district.]
    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright © 2001 by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

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