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  • Introspection

    I'm just curious, what is everyone doing in this area? I understand there may be a period for 'clearing' if you've only left recently, but I hear that many are Pagans, some are Christian so I just wanted to get an idea. Thanks.

  • crossroads

    born again: their is one way one truth one life:CHRIST

  • TR

    I'm not a freakin' thing. I live honestly, ethically, morally. Oh, and some would consider me to be a conservative Republican even though I like hard rock music.


  • larc


    I'm just keep on keepen on, much like you. I also am a Republican that likes hard rock and Bob Dylan too.


    What is a Pagan?

  • digderidoo

    Having left one organised religion i do not wish to enter another. I am an independent thinker, with an open mind. I'm also left wing in my politics.

    There are many here with opposing views...even though we all have started off from the same belief system.

    It's good to debate.

    Yours dig

    Try to add life to your days, not days to your life.

  • SatanSpawn

    Most days, ah sets on de porch watchin' dat ol' sun go down, and plays mah harmonica. Sometime ol' Rastus and Junie Mae come over fum up da road and Rastus bring his geetar and Junie Mae bring fixins. Den we git down da jug fum over de kitchen cabnets, an' twang and harp and sing til ol' sun all gone ta bed. Den we goes inside and eats Junie fixins, poke chops an' blackeye peas, cawmbread 'n' gravy, red beans 'n' rice, 'n' blackberry cobbler. Den we washes all dem dishes tagedda and git out da ivories an' play dominoes til midnight.

    It don' get mo spirchual dan dat.


  • VeniceIT

    I will NEVER EVER join another religion. I still have a strong relationship and Faith in my heavenly father and his son. I believe in the Bible, but not in the same way I did before. I now realize that it was written to those people for those people, we can gain from it, but it has all been fulfilled, yes even Revelation being as it was written before the fall of Jerusalem, and applied to that AHHH Shocking I know. So I am no longer a dispensationalist as are most religions I am now a Preterist in my view of the bible.


  • patio34


    I have no beliefs as of right now--just left WTBS a month ago. To have beliefs, you must have evidence, so that's my bent is just looking at evidence outside the society.

    Am reading 'the Blind Watchmaker,' 'Crisis of Conscience,' 'In Search of Christian Freedom,' 'Guns, Germs, & Steel' and a batch from the library. Not that each one gets as much attention each day.

    Any formal names do not apply to me anymore. Just investigating. I give myself a year to infinity to decide. Maybe be an 'apathetic agnostic' as Larc said on another thread eventually.

    Good luck (wow! did I say that?) on your quest.


  • Introspection

    Thanks for the reply everyone. I should say though that by spiritual practice I don't mean a formal religion or a belief system. Larc, I've heard others say that many became Pagans, and talked to some who describe themselves as Pagan so they are the ones you should ask, thuogh I guess it's the earth/goddess thing. If there's one thing I would say about this though it is that we can all still have a rich spiritual life. Not spiritual as the WTS used the word though.

  • larc


    You are the one who mentioned two groups that apparently encompass all of mankind, i.e., Christian and Pagan. Therefore, I am asking you what YOU meant by the term, Pagan.

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