ARC: why the contstant secrecy?

by SecretSlaveClass 21 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Vidiot

    Why all the secrecy?

    So that the rank-and-file won't start thinking that it might not actually be "God's Earthly Organization".

  • umbertoecho

    The society has told all WT congregations to hand over "all" money to America, except for a small amount say $5,000 that may be used for the speakers and microphones blow up, tough.

    My totally in family paid 15.000 to have the speaker system updated for their local hall.

    Then a few short years later they were moved to hall that is in disrepair............Interesting.

    No large assemblies here in Australia this year too.....all cancelled due to lack of funds.

    No kidding, it's official from straight from her elder sons gob and the elder I spoke with.

    WT lawyer may have been concerned to see so much funding being shipped off to America. They were told that they don't owe debts anymore, but they must continue to pay what their original debts amounted to. Those halls that are out right owned were to hand over deed titles, ................and keep sending all monies to the WT headquarters.

    The WTlawyers don't want that coming out do they? And that's just one angle.

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