New System Conundrum

by RedhorseWoman 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • katchoo

    *scratching my head*
    wait a minute.
    We are supposed to go nekkid in the new system... (shudder, I can think of several JWs I know that I absolutely could not BEAR to see naked, even if they were 20 years old!!)

    Naked people everywhere, but no sex? WHat kind paradise is this anyway???

  • waiting

    Dear Sneeze -

    JW Paradise?

  • Seven

    There's plenty of sex after death. You just can't feel it.-Lily Tomlin

  • Andyman

    I was told when I first came into the organization that married people should "wait" till new system to have children. The Judge promised millions of people they would never die, and also to wait till the "new system" to marry and have children.

    After a about a year in the organization I hear that the resserected can't have children and that only the ones who survive the big "A" will be able to reproduce, all JW's of course.

    Well that was when things would be "over" before the generation of 1914 passed away. Now with that teaching "new lighted" most of us who are getting older got no hope for being alive come the "new system".

    Good thing I didn't listen to them, got married and had children, and I love it!

    By the way if the ressurected can't have children, and only JW's will survive the big "A", and the numbers of JW's are dropping everday, who is going to be doing the populating when all that is left is the GB????

    Take care.


  • SolidSender

    Dubby - sorry about the confusion, it's just that when you mentioned checking out who had been augmented amongst the naked sisters in the new system i guess i was automatically imagining pam anderson types - just a reflex mental association when it comes to that subject i suppose. so you plan on looking at non lustworthy naked sisters in the new system? Regarding Hell - i've read some interesting return from the dead reports on people who had gone to Hell and came back. The general concensus is that it's pretty darn good down there! Very similar to a Vegas Casino. Bars, naked women, gambling, Elvis etc . Everyone was really upset about being brought back from there it was so good.- SolidSender

  • SolidSender

    There's plenty of sex after death. You just can't feel it. -Lily Tomlin
    hey, i remember hearing this one somewhere before and am still trying to figure out whether she meant metaphorical or literal death?

  • waiting

    Hey, SS,

    America is a society which believes that God is dead but Elvis is alive. I. Kupcinet

    Therefore, he can't have been seen in Hell, unless you're suggesting that Elvis could somehow been resurrected.....which would mean that you're suggesting Elvis was really another Christ.

    Are you from Tennessee?

  • AlphaQup2nite

    The biggest issue i have with a paradise on earth is twofold.

    Firstly, is based off the infinite timeline = no matter how unlikely something will happen, it will happen, so everyone will sin, so no one will survive indefinelty. Unless of course, free will is removed.

    Secondly, the limitations of the human brain, and the passage of time as we get older. I dont want a life 5 millenium down the line where everything is going through the motions, and it is literally impossible to make lasting relationships, and life becomes tedious. I believe that the knowledge of a finite end brings focus and structure to life, and makes it worth living; its adds some sense of urgency to everything.

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