New System Conundrum

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  • RedhorseWoman

    Does everyone remember the WT stating that in the New System, after everyone has been resurrected, there will be at least one acre per person?

    Didn't that seem like a lot of space to you? I know it did to me, growing up in a typical suburban neighborhood. We had a fairly large yard with probably a little over a quarter acre. One acre per person seemed like a huge amount of land.

    A typical family of four would be allotted FOUR WHOLE ACRES!!! Wow!! More than enough to raise your own food, have a house, have a couple of horses, and any other exotic wild animals you might desire for companions. Right?

    WRONG!! Since moving to a fairly rural area where we have a little over 7 acres of land and since reading (ack....literature not published by the Society) environmental articles about the amount of undeveloped land necessary just to keep the Earth's systems functioning, I have serious doubts about this lovely scenario.

    Estimates have been set forth on other boards concerning the number of people on Earth after the resurrection is complete.....20 billion people.

    The logistics of this make no sense. Even if the one-acre estimate includes setting aside sufficient land mass to maintain essential climactic systems, there is no room left for individual growing of food and the little mini-farmettes everyone has envisioned.

    We have three horses on our land. Part of it is wooded, and part of it has our home and flower gardens on it. I estimate that we have almost three acres allocated to pasture. It is nowhere near enough to support our horses by grazing alone. We need to supply them with hay and grain to keep them well-nourished. A minimal estimate of land for ONE horse is two acres.....and that's pushing it.

    Land needed to produce hay for our horses would be approximately 5 to 10 acres per horse.

    And yet, if you mention any of this real estate reality to anyone, it just never seems to make any impact. The usual statement is, "Jehovah will take care of it". Perhaps so....but how? Even Jehovah works within natural laws.

  • waiting

    Gee, Red Horse,

    I had always "heard" it would be approx. 5 acres per person.

    And....after Jehovah reclaimed the deserts and polluted landfills, etc. and all the cities were destroyed and He killed all the people - there would be plenty of room for JW survivors and resurrected.

    And....since resurrected would not be able to marry or reproduce, some of us felt they could live in single bedroom condos - so they wouldn't need their 5 acre allotment.

    And....when this ol' earth filled up, well, we could just move to another planet. After all, If Jehovah could make this one a paradise - He could do it elsewhere also, right?

    See, makes pretty good JW speculative logic, huh?

  • Dubby


    I remember indeed that very topic being discussed. I wonder how much land is actually inhabitable? I mean, is God going to flatten the mountains and fill in part of the oceans, or is there enough land suitable for habitation of many billions of people? How many usable acres are there on the earth right now? Are we going to be jettisoned to another planet? I've heard that discussed also.

    Jehovah will take care of it, right? It is just this kind of speculation that the WTS gets started among the rank and file. There is so much speculation among JW's that it's rediculous. I've heard everything from how everyone is going to be slaughtered, to how exactly the JW's are going to be saved, to how the massive piles of filth and carcasses are going to be cleaned up after armageddon. Are we going to use bulldozers which pollute the air, or are we going to all pitch in(more slavery) and clean it up by hand. What about the sewage? Are we going to have sewage treatment centers? What about power? Are we going back to cave man days?(woops, evolution?) I'll have to give up my motorcycles!

    Maybe, as I've also heard JW's discussing, are our minds going to be so much clearer and brighter, being near perfection, that we'll think up all kinds of alternatives to the way we do things now?

    Whew! my brain is full, can I go now?!

    "Enjoy God's creation, ride a dirt bike!"

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  • waiting

    Hey, Dubby,

    You left out the Big Question.....are we going to go naked - but only after getting back to our perfect body of approx. 20 yrs. old?

  • Dubby


    Nudity did not even enter my mind. I hate getting sand in my butt crack. However, now that I think about it, there ARE a lot of good looking sisters! And if we DO see them naked, will we find out that they've been augmenting their attributes? As for myself, I have nothing to hide!

  • Simon

    Do we get to pick where our 1 or 5 acres are? There's going to be a land rush again isn;t there!
    The things that do bother me (apart from having to go naked - I'm British don't forget) is who is going to manufacture toilet paper and what do we do when current supplier run out ??
    Also, will we still have electricity and if not, how will I power my TV, laptop etc...

  • Scorpion


    You crack me up. Sand up my butt crack. ROTF

  • BigQuestion

    Simon, you of little faith, don't you know that Jehovah will provide all these necessary things for you. Unless we receive new light on the subject I believe the present light is that a certain portion of the ressurected, those who had been disfellowshipped and then reinstated due having been in a situation where new light changed to old light and then back to new light again, this class will man the toilet paper factories for the first thousand years. I forgot where I read that, can anyone remember?. Reminds me of a joke: Boris Yeltsin goes on National television to announce to the Russian people - " Due to the current economic crisis I have some good news and some bad news for you, first the bad news - we've run out of toilet paper, now the good news - we've also run out of food"

  • BigQuestion

    "But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart." Mat 5:28. Dubby with your present attitude prospects for being on the receivng end of you're own 1 acre ( complete with lion and lamb, people emerging from graves, hollywood mansion, lake, eternal picnics etc), a sandy butt crack and access to wall to wall naked sisters 24 x 7 forever,are highly unlikely.

  • Dubby


    I said nothing about looking at a woman lustfully. I just want to see them naked! :) And, if the WT society is wrong about Hell, well maybe there's still room for me there. I always wanted to live in a warm climate!

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