Riddle me this applewhite expert if what?

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  • poopie

    Now here is my question. JW sisters are forbidden to read any elder book any or anything for elder eyes only yet ms appleseed who is considerd an wt expert is a practicing catholic part of babylon the great can read all this info in fact they give it to her. This is mind boggling. There are ministerial servants that do not have this info. In regards to appledoor being an expert was she ever df ir shunned or before a judicial comitee or molested by another witness? How can she be viewed by wt as expert she has no real world experience with dealing with a comitee wow your thoughts please.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    It's obvious they would make and justify exceptions to their rule when they deem it necessary. As we all know, we cannot expect consistency from the Watchtower.
  • Ding

    Worldly education is bad... except when the GB wants to hire someone who has it.

  • galaxie
    One word...Hypocrites !! For these mind boggling purveyors of deceit. Shame on them for the harm and purposeful diregard of many innocents to protect their vile organisation. The use of ms Applewhite to bolster their merit less purpose has served to show them for what they are, I hope it backfires big time !!!
  • sparrowdown

    Their only consistency is inconsistency.

    I now wonder if that is by design rather than accident, because the inconsistencies do seem to serve a purpose. They keep the people confused, and keeping them confused keeps them disoriented so they are never quite sure which way is up.

    "Is it so?" They ask.

    Confused people are easier to control.

  • possum
    I am currently studying social work at university. Angus Stewart highlighted that expert Applewhite has never had a peer reviewed article published and she didnt even know how many words it took to complete her own "doctoral thiesis" which had nothing to do with abused children...........In USA social workers are registered and can be struck of for not practicing according to the International Federation of Social Workers Code of Standards and Ethics. She made me embaressed for the social wok profession...............Totally grubby
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia < User:Joo

    Recently charges have been sought against Dr. Monica Applewhite for her prominent role in not reporting and covering up child abuse allegations. Along with Dr. Applewhite New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond, Rev. Ed Chiffriller - Immediate Past Superior General of the Society of St. Joseph, and the General Council of the Society of St. Joseph.

    To Read More..

    Click the Link Below:

    User:Joo/Context debate on Catholic sex abuse cases ...

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    ..................................EMPLOYS CATHOLICS..

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  • possum

    Outlaw has a look at your link and then some!

    Found this as well..........http://www.courts.ca.gov/opinions/documents/A136641.PDF quote from page 10.........

    Monica Applewhite, a clinical social worker and an expert on child sexual abuse, testified for defendants that Watchtower’s policy against “disclosing private information . . . very closely mirror[ed]” the codes of ethics of the National Association of Social Workers and the American Counseling Association. Based on her review of the evidence, Applewhite opined that the Congregation never put Kendrick “into a position that required or allowed him to be alone with children, to be in supervision of children, [or] to spend time with children away from their families.” Because the church’s activities did not separate children from their parents, Appelwhite opined that its best means of protecting children was to educate parents about child sexual abuse, and it exceeded the standard of care for such education in the 1990’s. According to Applewhite, the elders met the standard of care in Kendrick’s case when they left it up to Evelyn and her daughter whether to tell the police about the abuse he admitted, and “they kept a special watch on him and paid attention to whether or not he had any inappropriate contact with children within the meetings at Kingdom Hall.”

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    Having Dr. Applewhite as an expert sheds more light on the Watchtowers practices being ineffective and dangerous to those that were molested. If Dr. Applewhite is the best expert they could find speaks volume to me at least that other experts or true experts were not willing to testify on the WT behalf.

    Dr. Applewhite is not an expert in the sexual abuse of children nor in totality of the WT polices and practices. Having the letters Dr. before your name doesn't mean you're an expert.

  • possum

    In Australia we have had some very controversial court cases eg, Azaria Chamberlain "dingo got baby" "expert evidence" actually perverted the course of justice and large compensation payouts where awarded.

    Dr. Applewhite is not an expert in the sexual abuse of children nor in totality of the WT polices and practices. Having the letters Dr. before your name doesn't mean you're an expert

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