Exorcise Me

by hippikon 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • rob

    Hi, John. Listen to me, listen carefully... Go play Dungeons and Dragons, go read a Harry Potter book, go listen to Black Sabbath...Get a tattoo, get an ear pierced. God (should I use that term?), I love being EVIL!

  • siveld

    Methinks you is a little bit PARANOID.

  • hippikon

    No Im an IRON MAN but then again it could be Im just going through CHANGES.

  • dark clouds
    dark clouds


    no problem . . . .im always open to new music, i spin industrial and obscure 80's at a gothic club near my home,


  • joelbear

    If you guys listened to the Carpenters like me you wouldn't have no demon problems.

    Why do birds suddenly appear, la la la, la la la. Sigh, Im getting all goose pimpley.

    huggle snuggles


  • ShaunaC

    JoelBear.........lol! May I also recommend The Association! haha

    Dark Clouds......you CAN NOT recommend Sisters of Mercy without also talking about The Cult! What are you thinking man?!!! Sonic Temple.....Fire Woman! Oh Yeah!!! Besides, just purely for the name of the band it becomes a must for any ex JW!

  • cocolocoii

    To be honest with you, I think that these kind of music is very negative, and It does has to do something witn demons.
    Usually that kind of Music leads to Drugs and very negative thinking.
    I had a friend who loved heavy metal until he had a really bad experience with the demons. He was so scared that he trew away all his records.
    So please be careful because there are dangerous things in this life and we can't denied.
    Your friend Cocolocoii

  • COMF
    and if you want darker go gothic:

    What... no Cannibal Corpse? You mean you passed on a chance to recommend "Meathook Sodomy"? Pplplplplpfltpmptth!


  • Simon

    Oooh, you wanna be careful litening to all that dodgy music !

    Go check this site http://www.triplo.com/ev/reversal/ and see how Satan has messages hidden in it.

    Actually, some if it is a bit creepy sounding but very clever...

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