Exorcise Me

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  • hippikon

    Need help bad. I think I have the demon of Apostasy Please someone exorcise me. Yesterday my Black Sabath CDs jumped up and ran out of the room. My bible spontaneously combusted and my canary started singing Stairway to Heaven. The TV switched itself on and started playing the X Files. I’m really scared. Will I have to go back to the meetings to be saved or do I just sit back, go with the flow and enjoy the drugs

    If you can’t help exorcise me at least help me find my Black Sabbath CDs

  • TR


    I've got several Black Sabbath cd's, which ones do you need, and I'll copy some on the burner for you.


  • hippikon

    I want them all. As well as all the other great music I was never allowd

  • TR

    Ah, yes. Time in the borg and trying to be a good dub limits ones music library. Sound like you need to join Columbia House and BMG to stock up on your favs.


  • hippikon

    I cry to think back at all the rare albums I distroyed when I joind the borg

  • larc

    Brother hippikon,

    Let me introdude myself. I am the Reverend Duetoronomy Skaggs from the White Winged Gospel Church here in Beavercreek, Ohio. I will read silently from the book of Hominomies and pray for you. Just send your problems to me along with a hundred dollar bill and your problems will be solved. Yes brother, reach in them jeans for that green salad of salvation!

    I will also sheherd those wayward Black Sabboth tapes back to you. Them's sacred songs in our church. And brother, don't worry about the spontaneos combustion of your Bible. Bibles are known to do that under conditions of low humidity and high faith like you have dear brother.

    Tonight at our combination tent revival and all night poker game, I'll ask the flock to pray for you as well. If you want to join us, just remember, dueces are wild, jacks or better to open.

  • dark clouds
    dark clouds

    try out some of the industrial tracks:

    Nine inch Nails
    Contagion/ Birmingham 6
    Front Line Assembly
    Front 242
    Legendary Pink Dots
    My Life With the Thrill kill Kult
    X Marks the Pedwalk

    and if you want darker go gothic:

    Sisters of Mercy
    Fields of the Nephilim
    Advent Sleep
    Electric Hellfire Club
    Christian Death
    L'ame Immortelle
    Seraphim Shock
    Marilyn Manson

  • Englishman


    Same thing happened to me whilst listening to 10 cc. I finished up listening to some guy who called himslf St. Saens and they made a film about a piglet called Babe.


  • Lindy

    If you haven't seen blue smurfs running around you're okay, no "return visit" to the KH is necessary for any "new light" on the matter. Don't worry...be happy!
    Ain't life grand?!

  • TR

    Dark Clouds,

    thanks for those names. Ministry is one of my favs. I check the others out.


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