Angus Stewart - Captions Please

by cofty 17 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • cofty

    Angus Stewart's facial expression says what he thinks about Rodney Spink's prevarication...

  • Magwitch
    You really think you are going to outsmart this Oxford Rhodes Scholar with your Watchtower University education?
  • username

    The eyes say it all. Look at the absolute loathing that is written all over his face!

    You really think you have one up on me Mr Spinks don't you. We shall see about that!

  • Dagney

    Yeah...your "Awake" university education?

    As I've said on different threads, the goal of having a non-educated "yes men" flock/overseers will bring their comeuppance. Critical thinkers not welcome. The WBTS wanted it their way and they get to pay for it. Hundred of thousands of dollars in legal fees alone.

    Bravo Angus!

  • wifibandit
  • cappytan

    HAHA! wifibandit

    He DOES look like John Oliver.

  • freemindfade

    I have something here in my pocket for you sir and your cult

  • sparrowdown
    Ha, ha I have put up my ARC force field. Your stinking WT lazer beams can't hurt me Sir!
  • Watchtower-Free
  • Vidiot

    Possible captions:

    "A 'two-witness' rule?... Are you f**king kidding me?"

    "And these guys are the best the WT can come up with?"

    "I'm no theologian, but even I can f**king read..."

    "Jehovah's Witness? More like Jehovah's Witless..."

    "WTF is wrong with these people?"

    "Witness this..."

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