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  • zeb

    Before another day goes past please, summarize the outcome in dot points of the royal commission so far. for me in no order;

    • that the wt considers sex crimes against children of little importance
    • that the wt considers violence against women of little importance
    • The wt railing against education have produced elders who bumble and fumble their way through any questions when they cant just quote the 'party-line'.
    • that the satanic "Theocratic Warfare" doctrine is still in force whereby they believe they can lie about facts and distort accepted norms to appear sincere.
    • that the 99.99% of jw have not been told about "theocratic warfare" doctrine .
    • the gb is panicking at the thoughts of one of their own being put on the stand

    next please and please keep them brief

  • wannaexit
    • Elders' knowledge of watchtower policies is limited .
    • Watchtower leaders are unwilling to admit to errors and come clean
    • They will never change their 2 witness rule of their own volition , only if they are forced.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    • that the 99.99% of jw have not been told about "theocratic warfare" doctrine .

    I disagree on that one. I knew about "Theocratic Tact", as it was then called, and I'm sure that many JWs knew/know about it in spite of the fact that many of them are ignorant about most of their religion.

  • Diogenesister
    I'm with village id , Those who were around in 80's Britain certainly knew about it...even as kids we did.
  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    - Based on data disclosed by the Royal Commission we can safely calculate that between the years of 1975 to 2014 every single congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses in the world has had in its midst at least one reported case of a sexual molestation of a child by someone with standing in the congregation.

  • Closer to Fine
    Closer to Fine
    • They will throw themselves under the bus to protect the gb
  • barry
    I'm not a Jehovahs witness but I get the impression the religion wants to be seen to be clean of wrongdoing and clean compared to other religions. At the same time as appearing clean they have a policy to silence anyone with skeletons in the closet
  • zeb
    thanks so far. please keep the comments about the Royal commission.
  • umbertoecho

    I always knew about "Theocratic Warfare". That is the exact term I heard only three years ago when having a progressive study toward baptism. Of course in the third stage of questions, it was not put to me in such a blunt manner. Yet. When I asked outright of the elders who were conducting my last schedule of questions......" Is this what you call TW in terms of where my loyalty will lie?" The answer was a definitive yes!

    I have my baptism question book here next to me and will look it up; try to see how this part of questioning was presented to me.

    The way the elders used it was one of those classic and misleading ways. It showed no courage really, merely a desire to escape unscathed in every way.

  • umbertoecho
    Marvin, that is a very frightening scale of abuse when presented this way. And these are so called known figures..... it is likely far greater....

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