"You Became So Beloved to Us"

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  • Heaven

    Another propaganda video attempting to sell the CO job. I'd be insulted if I was compared to the apostle Paul. That guy had serious issues.

    And so much for the uber secret video. Very fine job Pixel and Wifibandit.

  • Oubliette
    JGB: The WT should 'throw-in-the-towel' and address any and all future communiques as follows: "TO ALL BODIES OF ELDERS, WIFIBANDIT AND PIXEL."


    The truth is, we here on JWN are better informed than most elders and usually find out the latest before they do!

  • millie210

    Pixel and wifibandit you are AWESOME!

  • millie210


    MAIN impression was at the end when they say to "continue to support them as much as your circumstances allow"

    that sounds like $$$ is part of what they want by their use of that word "circumstances"

    They made it entertaining by showing exotic locations and stations.

    Truth is in most countries, C.O.s and their wives rarely break a sweat or get out of their leased cars and air conditioned Kingdom Halls/provided apartments.

    Bottom line seems to be to manipulate the viewer in to being more impressed with C.O.s in general and donating more money.

  • Athanasius
    Funny how they try to compare the CO to the apostle Paul. Paul worked at tent making and supported himself and was not a burden on the congregation. The CO expects to be supported by the congregation by "green handshakes" plus he gives the congregation his expense account for reimbursement.
  • baldeagle
    Thanks Pixel and Wifibandit much appreciated. It just gets crazier as time goes on. They are trying too hard to convince everyone that all is well. Talking to those that are still well connected I've been told here in Canada there are areas where the list for substitute CO’s is empty. The reaching out for this assignment is not readily sought after.

    In some cases men are being appointed to CO’s to the surprise of many in the area. Actual capable men on the substitute list are not available, so they are forced to use those less qualified to fill the need. It looks good on them. Maybe they will have to call back to work the 70 year old and over guys from their forced retirement.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Saccharine, vomit-worthy garbage...what else can you expect from WTBTS? The appeal is to the great human capacity for love which you can indulge in if you are appointed to be CO and wifey.

    Using Paul as an example was a mistake; he was a bad tempered, obsessive, misogynist looney--- but perhaps that's what they are actually looking for!

    Btw, did anyone else note that from a structural point of view the bridge holding up all those people would have insufficient strength? It is symptomatic I think of the total lack of realism in any Watchtower enterprise.

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