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  • battman

    Good morning to all,

    IMHO people are today, maybe always have been,
    of a very short term outlook. I know Iam......
    I want it and I want it now!!! (i b such a cry baby)

    How motivated would people be if the WT said
    the "end" was coming in 2114?? Even 2014.

    Not very.

    This is one, of many, maybe the biggest problem
    that the GB, WT, CCofJW's face today. How to
    trully motivate the R&F without a huge stick. The
    end/death etc. is the most powerful one available.
    Also due to the huge momentum built into the
    "publishing" mind set and infastructure in place
    it would take a powerhouse "Lee Iacocco" type
    to turn this juggernaut around.

    I am not so concerned with the $$$$$$ issue as I am
    about the "stick" mentallity. The Master pulled people
    along after him due to his "Wisdom" the "fds" uses
    the "push" technique which in the modern world just
    dosen;t get it any more.

    IMHO there are huge changes coming (Oct 14, 2001 8:15PM) heeheeheehee
    "someday" when all the 90something GB members attain their "reward".

    It will be very interesting to watch. Much new lite? new scrolls?????

    of the "real soon now class"

  • larc


    I march to the beat of my own drum. My predictions of the future have been better than the Watchtower. Also, if I make a mistake, I only have myself to blame. I do find mistakes to be vexing, but I have never disfellowshipped myself yet. When I have successes I can be proud of that. I don't have to thank an organization or a diety for my accompishments.

    Regarding my sucesses and failures: I don't know what my batting average has to be to make the great baseball team in the sky, so I don't worry about it. To me, all this worry, concern, and research time spent on what might happen beyond this life, it a colossal waste. If others want to stay absorbed with this issue, so be it. I am just saying, it is not my cup of tea.

    I think the reason that people like Stillintruth believe that people who leave his Oganization become degenerates is that they can not imagine that people would try to do the right thing if fear was taken away. They don't understand that trying to be good is it's own reward. You have a better life in the here and now, as a result.

    Have I made mistakes? Yes, big ones, and I have tryed to make ammends for them, and do the best I know how in this present moment.

  • Flowerpetal

    To LoneWolf:
    I agree with what you said. A few visits ago, probably last year sometime, our circuit overseer stated that the society has gotten away from the prediction business. I almost fell off my chair by the way he said it.

    I never believed 1975 was it either. I was keeping in mind Jesus words that no one knows the day or hour, and was also looking for signs that Babylon the Great was ready to be destroyed. Nothing like that happened in 1974 or 1975--so I didn't get caught up in the "hysteria" (would that be the right word?) that others were spouting.

  • ozziepost

    G'day Mac,

    You didn't ask us if we knew the next date?

    I wonder has anybody heard about the 'new light' ? When's the date when Jehovah will "appropriately act'?

    Do you think it might involve some 'tacking'?



  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    thank you for all your posts.
    It is nice to share one's personal opinion with
    complete grace of mind, manners and respect.

    **Tina :it's o.k. no misunderstanding.

    **Ozziepost: "the new date"...I do like your joke,
    as for me and many more( I(m sure)
    "that day and hour..nobody knows it.."
    (Matthew 24:36). Meanwhile one tries to
    "keep on the watch...".

    Agape to you all...Shalom


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