If Jackson is not available due to compassionate reasons, can other GB member take his place?

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  • OrphanCrow
    Joe: If they were willing to for fit $12 mill and be thrown out of court in order for Losch not to take the stand there is no way in hell ol Jeffers is going to take the stand either.

    I think that redress amounts in Australia for the JW victims are going to exceed that amount by quite a bit.

    If each victim gets only $100,000, the WTS share for 1500 victims (which is not unreasonable - many will come forward or be revealed, and there are multiple victims in many of the cases), that would work out to a $150 million claim against the WTS. That amount is low. It will probably be higher.

    I believe the $100,000 claim per victim to be reasonable based on the payouts established for Residential School Survivors in Canada. And that doesn't account for what civil cases will award to victims.

  • Listener

    Viva La Vida, the Commission discussed the situation with the JW lawyer on Tuesday. They said that they were very interested in speaking to Geoffrey Jackson as they understood that his position as a Governing Body Member would help their inquiry. They also expressed their view that it would not necessarily have to be him but any Governing Body member. They were told that Geoffrey Jackson would not be of assistance as his position was in translation. They chose to ignore the Commission's request for assistance on a voluntary basis and even misled them.

    The next day the Commission did not repeat their invitation and instead made the point that they had been misled in understanding just how much assistance Geoffrey Jackson could provide and advised they would be making a formal application that he appear.

  • ToesUp
    I think they should send Anthony Morris. He would do a wonderful job! After all he did a great job on the Zone Mtg. talk. Maybe he could share some of his "human hot dog" experiences. The RC would BURY him! I would love to watch that one.
  • ToesUp
    Oh...Lett? Now that one would be worth paying money! Kinda like a comedy hour!
  • oppostate
    but I think Jackson's affiliation with the Writing Department is what interests the Commission.

    Being in the Writing Committee would definitely be of interest for the Royal Commission. In Jackson's case there's a triple whammy, he's in the Writing Committee, the Teaching Committee and the Personnel Committee. Who better qualified than Jackson to address the setting up of policy and procedures that affect 8 million people?

  • sparrowdown
    I'd say no. Jackson would be the only Australian Citizen on the GB.

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