Geoffrey Jackson's powerful role in the WT

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  • DesirousOfChange

    I wonder if the WTS realizes how many unpaid volunteers the RC has doing research for them. Somehow, I suspect that they do. No wonder they hate you mentally diseased apostates. You're just brazen!

    Good work, guys!


  • Mephis
    Can't edit, but just to confirm he's still on the teaching committee too. (O'Brien's testimony to counsel for the commission today.)

    Great job, Splash! This information should be sent to Angus, like yesterday!!

    Yep, without the "slave" we would have never understood the need to go D2D and spread false teachings/cherished errors for decades! How could I have ever come to know that only the 144,000 are domestics and that there is a 1900 year old slave class, or that the slave was already appointed over the belongings, were it not for the WTBTS writing committee!


  • umbertoecho

    Splash. Could you email this to the Royal Commission site? I have been emailing them all day seinding direct quotes from the Organized to do Jehovah's Will book.

    These scriptures you have put together so well are very important for Angus Stewart. They do get sent on the the computers............Please email them straight away..

  • Vidiot
    "Figurehead", my lily-white ass.
  • kairos

    Yet, they are appointed by holy spirit?

    ...To write these articles for the sheep.
    25 years of my life wasted.

  • KiddingMe

    At about the 19:00 to 22:00 minute mark he is asked,

    Are there any enjoyable experiences you can relate to working with any of the governing body?

    (I'm paraphrasing) He responds with how amazing it is that each of them are totally different in personalities from one another and still have harmony and freeness of speech, even when making suggestions that's are not accepted.

    He goes on about how one of the most exciting things is how decisions are made by the governing body. He relates how this process is similar to what's done in the writing department.

    He talks about how even if a governing body member writes a study article it is not spiritual food until it goes through about 90 steps taken in the writing dept., including each governing body proofing, reading researching etc. He says this process is similar in the governing body meetings.
    He goes on about the number of times they discuss a matter, and that before they go into the meeting they have an agenda and they have all done research before coming together and making a decision.

    This speaks to the involvement of governing body members in the decision making process.
  • Vidiot

    "Freedom of speech" in the GB, huh?

    Shame they don't extend that freedom to the R&F.

  • KiddingMe
    I'm not sure why my words are cut off and how to fix or edit to correct..?
  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney
    I concur with the idea that you ought to send this to the RC.

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