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    If anyone knows which committees GJ sits on or what some of his responsibilities are, can you please post here with supporting quotes.
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    As already attempted by some in the Australian Bethel, no doubt G. Jackson will try to diminish his role, maybe even trying the line that he is not the F&DS (only when he is in consult with the other GB members).

    Here are two teachings that are linked, to explain the total power and authority that the GB, including Geoffrey Jackson have.

    - Firstly, WT teachings come through the slave from Jehovah. WT publications are elevated to the level of the Bible, and the Slave are elevated to God's "mouthpiece".
    - Secondly, JW's are obligated to study and live by the WT's teachings and publications.

    Put these two together and you have the situation where every JW in the world is in awe of the GB.
    Each JW will devour every single word that comes forth from their mouths and publications, and will base their life decisions on these words.

    The following two (long) posts will give WT quotes to substantiate how completely dominant the GB are within the WT heirarchy, and the absolute preeminence given to their direction and words.

    To disagree with a WT or any other GB teaching is to disagree with God. It is a disfellowshippable offence. What they say, goes.

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    *** w11 8/15 p. 30 par. 14 Pursue Peace ***
    elders need to pray for the help of Jehovah's spirit and depend on its guidance by consulting God's Word and the publications of the faithful and discreet slave class.

    *** w08 4/15 p. 7 par. 19 Repudiate "Valueless Things" ***
    Elders do not go beyond the things that are written in the Bible. And by extension, they do not go beyond the Bible-based counsel written in the publications of the faithful and discreet slave.

    *** w07 12/15 p. 27 par. 3 Highlights From the Book of Malachi ***
    Those who are given the privilege of teaching in the congregation should make sure that what they teach is in harmony with God's Word, and with Bible-based publications of "the faithful steward."

    *** w06 11/15 p. 26 par. 2 Always Accept Jehovah's Discipline ***
    Correction may come... from your study of God's Word and the publications of "the faithful steward."

    *** w03 6/15 p. 11 Serving a Unique Language Group in Korea ***
    in the first century, books and letters were written by experienced older men. In our time, an abundance of spiritual food has been provided by means of books and other Christian publications.

    *** w02 12/1 p. 22 par. 15 Personal Study That Equips Us as Teachers ***
    personal study of the Bible and Bible publications is vital to the maintenance of our spiritual armor.

    *** w01 5/15 p. 29 'By Wisdom Our Days Will Become Many' ***
    May we feast at wisdom's table by diligently studying God's Word and the Bible-based publications provided by the slave class.

    *** w99 5/15 p. 17 par. 10 Keep On Walking in Jehovah's Way ***
    The 'word behind us' also comes by means of "the faithful and discreet slave," who supplies "food at the proper time." (Matthew 24:45-47) One way this food is supplied is in printed Bible-based publications,

    *** w95 1/15 p. 27 Assembling With Those Who Fear God ***
    the personal obligations of all baptized persons are fourfold: (1) We must study God's Word with the aid of publications that help us to understand and apply it

    *** w92 11/15 p. 28 Elders—Readjust Others in a Spirit of Mildness ***
    our statements must be founded on the Scriptures and on Bible-based publications.

    *** w87 4/15 p. 19 par. 14 Increase Your Peace Through Accurate Knowledge ***
    Oftentimes, these men can assist you in researching the publications of the Watch Tower Society for help in making a right decision or coping with a problem.

    *** w86 2/1 p. 19 par. 17 Comfort for Integrity Keepers ***
    Prayerful study of God's Word and Christian publications provided by "the faithful and discreet slave" can bring comfort in times of stress.

    *** w85 8/15 p. 17 par. 3 Train With Godly Devotion as Your Aim ***
    But you must carefully study his Word and Bible-based publications, thereby being "nourished with the words of the faith and of the fine teaching."

    ***w73 5/15 p. 310 par. 12 Leaving the City of Refuge Means Loss of Life ***
    God's law is clearly defined for us in his Word and through the Bible publications that he has provided to understand his will and purpose for mankind in the time of the end

    *** w70 5/1 p. 285 Missionaries Counseled to Hold to "The Way" ***
    God, through his Word and by such publications as Watchtower, helps Christians to walk in His way

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    -- WT 1931 November 1 p. 327; 1936 March 15 p. 85)
    THE WATCHTOWER publishes "no man's opinion".

    -- PREPARATION 1933 pp. 36-37, 64
    Angels deliver what is published.

    -- WT 1943 July 1 pp. 202-203
    Nothing is interpreted but the interpretation comes from God and is then published.

    -- w52 4/1 p. 206 par. 24 Pinning the Blame on the One Responsible
    Therefore the study of his Word the Bible and the Bible helps which the Lord is now providing through the Watchtower Society is very necessary.

    - w54 9/1 p. 532 par. 13 Recognizing the Theocratic Organization for Life -
    Hence in order to render complete recognition of the theocratic organization today, we have to take recognition of this "faithful and discreet slave" that the returned Lord and Judge has appointed over all his belongings. We cannot sidestep this.

    -- 56/1 Informant p.1 par. 1 Serving With Jehovah's Channel of communication
    Jehovah is the source of all knowledge. When he speaks, all should listen and learn. And how does he speak? Through his appointed channel of communication - his collective congregation of anointed ones... The Watchtower magazine [is] the main instrument used to dispense Jehovah's communications.

    -- w56 1/15 p. 63 Part 4—The "Triumphant Kingdom" Assemblies of 1955
    God has not been stingy with us; at this series of summer assemblies we have received five new releases, five new theocratic publications by the Watch Tower Society.

    -- w56 8/15 p. 499 par. 8 Maintaining Integrity
    This magazine and kindred publications are Jehovah's provision on his table, and we should be ungrateful were we to neglect or despise such provision.

    -- w57 6/15 p. 370 par. 7 Overseers of Jehovah's People
    It is vital that we appreciate this fact and respond to the directions of the "slave" as we would to the voice of God, because it is His provision.

    -- w59 5/1 p. 269 par. 7 "To hold to the headship of Christ, it is therefore necessary to obey the organization that he is personally directing. Doing what the organization says is to do what he says. Resisting the organization is to resist him."

    -- w68 5/15 p. 303 par. 2 "Fear the True God and Keep His Commandments"
    to be pleasing to Jehovah one has to recognize the earthly channel that God is using to dispense accurate knowledge to people of all the world. ... down to this day Jehovah is dealing with those whom he has approved to represent him upon the earth. A person... needs to appreciate also that Jehovah God has on this earth in this time a visible organization representing his interests. Jesus spoke of such a group as a "faithful and discreet slave." Thus the person desiring to do Jehovah's will must associate with the "slave" organization that is charged with the oversight of everything belonging to the Master, Christ Jesus.

    -- w81 10/15 p. 25 par. 13 Sacred Service as a Family
    Jehovah has provided his Word the Bible and publications furnished by the "faithful and discreet slave" for the benefit of God-fearing ones.

    -- w87 7/15 pp. 18-19 par. 13 Prayers Require Works
    Without help from this "slave," we would neither be able to understand the full import of what we read nor know how to apply what we learn.

    -- w90 12/15 p. 26 'Seeking Delightful Words, Correct Words'
    In our day the Greater Congregator, Jesus Christ, has provided spiritual resources far beyond those enjoyed by God's people under ancient Israelite kings. For over a century, delightful, correct words of truth covering every aspect of life have been presented in the Watch Tower Society's publications and widely distributed in many languages.

    -- w94 10/1 p.8 The Bible—A Book Meant to Be Understood
    Even as Bible prophecy pointed forward to the Messiah, it also directs us to the close-knit body of anointed Christian Witnesses that now serve as the faithful and discreet slave. It helps us to understand the Word of God. All who want to understand the Bible should appreciate that the "greatly diversified wisdom of God" can become known only through Jehovah's channel of communication, the faithful and discreet slave.—John 6:68.

    -- w98 7/15 p. 31 Do You Have "an Obedient Heart"?
    As Jehovah teaches us through the Bible, Christian publications, and congregation meetings, may we pay attention, apply what we learn, and be "obedient in all things."

    -- w99 10/1 p. 18 par. 6 You Can Endure to the End
    Our main source of spiritual nourishment is his Word, the Bible. Should we not maintain a good Bible-reading schedule? Through "the faithful and discreet slave," Jehovah has also provided the timely journals The Watchtower and Awake! and other Bible-based publications.

    -- w00 12/1 p. 11 par. 9 Jehovah Empowers the Tired One
    Just as we must eat to maintain physical strength, we need to take in spiritual food provided by God through his Word and Christian publications to maintain our spiritual strength.

    -- w01 1/15 p. 7 How We Can Cultivate Virtue
    Jehovah has provided his Word and Bible-based publications.

    -- w01 8/1 p. 14 par. 8
    Rather, he has complete confidence in the truth as it is revealed by Jehovah God through his Son, Jesus Christ, and "the faithful and discreet slave."

    -- w01 8/15 p. 29 par. 16 Do Not Give Up in Doing What Is Fine
    Take advantage of the provisions Jehovah has made to sustain you spiritually, such as our Bible-based publications.

    -- w03 3/15 p. 27 'The Lips of Truth Will Endure Forever'
    Jehovah gives us sound counsel through his Word and through his organization, using the publications provided by "the faithful and discreet slave."

    -- w04 12/15 p. 21 par. 19 Do You Accept Jehovah's Help?
    Jehovah brought you that help by means of "the faithful and discreet slave" assigned to provide "food at the proper time."

    -- w05 8/15 p. 22 par. 10 Christians Reflect the Glory of Jehovah
    We, though, understand that Jehovah is teaching his people and that the understanding of divine truth has always been progressive.

    -- w05 11/1 p. 20 par. 18 Jehovah Is Our Shepherd
    Through the faithful and discreet slave class, Jehovah has provided us with helpful publications and rich programs at meetings, assemblies, and conventions—all of which fill our spiritual needs. (Matthew 24:45-47) There is certainly no shortage of spiritual food. "The faithful and discreet slave" has produced millions of Bibles and Bible study aids, and such publications are now available in 413 languages. Jehovah has provided this spiritual food in great variety—from "milk," basic Bible teachings, to "solid food," deeper spiritual information.

    -- w08 4/15 p. 7 par. 19 Repudiate "Valueless Things"
    Elders do not go beyond the things that are written in the Bible. And by extension, they do not go beyond the Bible-based counsel written in the publications of the faithful and discreet slave.

    -- w10 7/15 p. 23 par. 10 "The Spirit Searches Into . . . the Deep Things of God"
    When the time comes to clarify a spiritual matter in our day, holy spirit helps responsible representatives of "the faithful and discreet slave" at world headquarters to discern deep truths that were not previously understood. (Matt. 24:45; 1 Cor. 2:13)

    p.17: "Listening to the slave class means giving our full cooperation to its Governing Body."
    p.27: "Since Jehovah God and Jesus Christ completely trust the faithful and discreet slave, should we not do the same?" "The slave thus deserves our complete trust"
    p.28: "By all means, then, let us listen to the Christ and his trustworthy spirit-anointed brothers."

    -- w10 9/15 p. 8 par. 7 Earnestly Seek Jehovah's Blessing
    We cannot hope to acquire a good relationship with Jehovah if we ignore those whom Jesus has appointed to care for his belongings. Without the assistance of "the faithful and discreet slave," we would neither understand the full import of what we read in God's Word nor know how to apply it.

    (Note: So Proverbs 2:6 is wrong? "For Jehovah himself gives wisdom; From his mouth come knowledge and discernment." Or John 14:6 "I [Jesus] am the way and the truth and the life". Or 2Tim 2:7 "the Lord will give you understanding in all things.")

    -- w10 9/15 p. 13 par. 8
    Similarly today, a Governing Body composed of spirit-anointed Christians contributes to the unity of the worldwide congregation. The GB publishes spiritually encouraging literature in many languages. This spiritual food is based on God's Word. Thus, what is taught is not from men but from Jehovah.

    -- w10 9/15 p. 23 par. 8 "Your Leader Is One, the Christ"
    The anointed and their other sheep companions recognize that by following the lead of the modern-day Governing Body, they are in fact following their Leader, Christ.

    -- si p. 9 par. 16 (2011) "All Scripture Is Inspired of God and Beneficial"
    (1) Jehovah God originates his utterances; (2) then his official Word, or Spokesman—now known as Jesus Christ—often transmits the message; (3) God's holy spirit, the active force that is used as the medium of communication, carries it earthward; (4) God's prophet on earth receives the message; and (5) he then publishes it for the benefit of God's people.

    -- w12 9/15 p. 22 par. 16 Learn From the Patience of Jehovah and Jesus
    Well, a person who lacks confidence that the end is near might start to make alternate arrangements, so to speak, in case things do not work out as Jehovah said they would.

    -- w12 9/15 p. 24 par. 4 "You Know Neither the Day Nor the Hour"
    As the end of this system draws ever closer, the work of pointing to Jehovah's provisions for salvation has never been more important.

    -- w12 11/15 p. 17 par. 9 Cultivate the Spirit of a Lesser One
    A humble person has heartfelt gratitude for Jehovah's provisions, including spiritual food. Hence, such an individual is a diligent student of the Bible and an avid reader of the Watchtower and Awake! magazines. Like many other faithful servants of Jehovah, he may make it a practice to read each new publication before putting it away on a bookshelf in his personal library. When we manifest humble appreciation by reading and studying our Bible-based publications, we make spiritual advancement, and Jehovah is able to use us more fully in his service.

    -- w13 4/15 p12 par 11 Do not tire out
    Jehovah has provided a bounteous supply of written spiritual food to give us strength. No doubt, you can think of a time when after reading a publication, you thought: 'That is exactly what I needed! It is as if Jehovah had that written just for me!' That is not a coincidence. Through these provisions, Jehovah does instruct and guide us.

    -- w14 8/15 "Hear Jehovah's Voice Wherever You Are"
    2 ... In effect, Jesus also conveys Jehovah's voice to us as he directs the congregation through "the faithful and discreet slave." We need to take this guidance and direction seriously, for our everlasting life depends on our obedience.
    16 Many servants of Jehovah have avoided disaster by listening to Jehovah during our meetings.

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    The Faithful and Discreet Slave also go by the term 'prophet',although they seek to use a forked tongue on this and simultaneously deny they are prophets.

    JW's are well informed of the consequences of ignoring or challenging a prophet of God.

    May 15, 1955 Watchtower (pages 305 and 308) - JW's are 'inspired' prophets:
    16 ...we next observe that the official "Word" transmits the message either by means of an angelic messenger who appears face to face or by the use of God's holy spirit to inspire the next agent in the line of communication... The earthly channel is either a prophet or a collective prophet-like organization.

    Page 308: From the prophetic shadows to the actual realities we observe that this God-provided channel for Christians is the collective congregation of anointed ones who serve as a prophet-like organization under the leadership of its communicating head, Christ Jesus. –Eph 5:23

    w59 1/15 pp. 40-41 pars. 11-14 Down with the Old—Up with the New!

    11 Jeremiah prophesied forty years in the time of the end of the kingdom of Judah. So who will prophesy with his message in this time of the end of the nations of this world?
    13 The fact that decides the answer to the question is, not, Do all the clergy of Roman Catholicism and of Protestantism agree that Jehovah's witnesses have been and are God's prophet to the nations? but, Who discerned the divine will for Christians in this time of the world's end and offered themselves to do it? Who have undertaken God's foreordained work for this day of judgment of the nations? Who have answered the call to the work and have done it down till this year 1958? Whom has God actually used as his prophet?
    14 By the historical facts of the case Christendom is beaten back in defeat. Jehovah's witnesses are deeply grateful today that the plain facts show that God has been pleased to use them. All the preaching and all the Bible educational work that they have done till now in 175 countries and islands of the sea they confess has been, not by help of a military army, nor by human power, but by God's spirit, his invisible active force. (Zech. 4:6, AV) It has been because Jehovah thrust out his hand of power and touched their lips and put his words in their mouths.

    1971 - "The Nations Shall Know That I Am Jehovah , How? page 70
    "Likewise it was a trying mission upon which the modern Ezekiel class was sent, to religious people of the same type as those in Ezekiel's day. But regardless of how Christendom views or regards this group of anointed witnesses of Jehovah, the time must come, and that shortly, when those making up Christendom will know that really a "prophet" of Jehovah was among them. "

    w73 3/1 p. 150 Heeding Divine Warning Is Wisdom

    What is to be gained by hesitating and doubting to the end that Jehovah can raise up and has raised up a genuine "prophet" within our generation?

    hs (1976) chap. 8 p. 148 par. 22 "Spirit of Life from God Entered into Them"

    The facts substantiate that the remnant of Christ's anointed disciples have been doing that prophesying to all the nations for a witness in favor of God's kingdom. Logically, then, they must be the ones upon whom God's spirit has actually been poured out... Why argue about it?

    w82 10/1 p. 27 para 8-9

    At this late date there is a mere remnant of this "prophet" class yet on Earth. The "war of the great day of God the Almighty" could not start before this composite "prophet" ends his work.

    Reasoning From the Scriptures (1989) p.133
    "If any individual claim to represent God but decline to use god's personal name, and make it a practice to express their own opinions on matters, are they measuring up to this important qualification of a true prophet?"

    w98 7/15 p.12 Beware of a Lack of Faith par. 15
    "Paul started his warning with the provisional clause "if you people listen to his own voice." God spoke to his people through Moses and other prophets. Then, Jehovah spoke to them through his Son, Jesus Christ. (Hebrews 1:1, 2) Today, we have God's complete inspired Word, the Holy Bible. We also have "the faithful and discreet slave," appointed by Jesus to provide spiritual "food at the proper time." (Matthew 24:45-47) Thus, God is still speaking."

    w99 10/1 5 "For Everything There Is an Appointed Time"
    "For the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will not do a thing unless he has revealed his confidential matter to his servants the prophets." (Amos 3:7) ... For that purpose God has authorized a "faithful and discreet slave" to provide his people with "their [spiritual] food at the proper time."

    w10 7/15 p. 11 par. 18 "What Sort of Persons Ought You to Be!"
    "At the same time, Jehovah will honor his faithful servants by making it abundantly clear that they were, indeed, his representatives.—Read Ezekiel 2:5; 33:33."
    (Eze 2:5) And as for them, whether they will hear or will refrain—for they are a rebellious house—they will certainly know also that a prophet himself happened to be in the midst of them.
    (Eze 33:33) And when it comes true—look! it must come true—they will also have to know that a prophet himself had proved to be in the midst of them."

    w11 3/15 p. 30 par. 10 - Anointed are prophets
    "Like the prophet of old, the Jeremiah class has been given an assignment from the Sovereign of the universe. God's anointed servants are thus duly authorized to make pronouncements worldwide..."

    w14 11/15 p. 30 11 - F&DS are prophets
    "Revelation 11:3 speaks of two witnesses who would prophesy for 1,260 days... However, true to the words of the prophecy, at the end of the three and a half days, the two witnesses were brought back to life. Not only were these anointed ones released from prison but those who remained faithful received a special appointment from God through their Lord, Jesus Christ. In 1919 they were among those who were appointed to serve as a "faithful and discreet slave" to care for the spiritual needs of God's people during the last days."

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    Bio given on his appointment. WT, 15th March 2006, p.26.

    Brother Jackson started pioneering in February 1971 in Tasmania, the island state of Australia. In June 1974, he married Jeanette (Jenny). Shortly thereafter, they were appointed to serve as special pioneers. From 1979 to 2003, they served as missionaries in Tuvalu, Samoa, and Fiji—island nations in the South Pacific. While in the islands, Brother and Sister Jackson also contributed much to the work of translating Bible literature. Beginning in 1992, Brother Jackson served on the Branch Committee in Samoa, and from 1996, on the Branch Committee in Fiji. In April 2003, he and Jenny became part of the United States Bethel family and began to work in the Translation Services Department. Soon thereafter, Brother Jackson was made a helper to the Teaching Committee of the Governing Body.

    What the teaching committee does, WT, 15th May 2008, p.29

    TEACHING COMMITTEE: This committee oversees the instruction provided at assemblies, conventions, and congregation meetings. It arranges spiritual programs for Bethel family members and has oversight of various schools, such as Gilead School and the Pioneer Service School, as well as of the development of audio and video programs.

    According to O'Brien, today, in testimony to counsel for the commission, Jackson is now on the Writing Committee, which does cover translation work but also a lot more.

    From WT, 15th May 2008, p.29

    WRITING COMMITTEE: It is the responsibility of this committee to supervise the putting of spiritual food into written form for publication and distribution to fellow believers and the general public. This committee answers Bible questions and approves such material as drama scripts and talk outlines. It also oversees the translation work done worldwide.

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    The Faithful and Discreet Slave have dogmatically and repeatedly instilled their authority in the minds of JW's for decades. It's time they answered for their decisions.

    Mt 24:45 is the most familiar of all bible verses: “Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time?"

    Searching the WT CD for where this verse is restated gives the following results:

    Despite the teaching of the F&DS forever changing, on average, not a month has gone by since 1980 when this scripture was not brought to the attention of JW's.
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    Get this info to Angus Stewart!
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    Recently the Governing Body via both Lett and TM3 have used their TV station to vehemently deny all rumours about child abuse in the organisation. They have pointed to old magazine articles in their defense and claim any statement to the contrary is from Satan.

    Over the decades Barbara Anderson has cataloged court settlements, and more recently victims have been reluctant to settle quietly, preferring to expose things in a court of law.

    The GB are still in complete denial mode, even going so far in the latest WT's to say that JW's must not even listen to such things - in other words JW's have to deny it as well. To accept that there is a problem is to contradict the GB in their latest videos on the JW TV station.

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    I remember all of these article so well. Now I remember why it was so hard to break free from that Religion. They pretty much put themselves equal with God and Jesus. No wonder I was so freaking screwed up when i wanted to walk away from them. Great post.

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