The Australian: Women to 'Never Rule' in Jehovah's church

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  • prologos
    stuckinarut23 minutes ago
    Just because someone has a penis does not make them more qualified to lead!most of the 22 woman world leaders have a penis they acquired through matrimony. marriage? merry?serves them well, no doubt.
  • TheWonderofYou
    A comparison between Australian government RC and Hitlers Nazi state or korea is inadequate 😈
  • TheWonderofYou

    What again JW leaders not mention is, why should not any female sister or victim cooperate with the police without contacting their elders at all, shall the men judge in their committee what they want. Any christian, not only elders have to be law-obidient. First police, caesars law first, than info to the elders for comfort and assistence and announcements in the congregation, our responsibility doesnt end at the elders' ear.

    Each christian please show moral courage!

  • steve2

    We knew it before the Australian Royal Commission of Inquiry, but now we've seen it writ large:

    The JW organization's policies and procedures on a raft of issues, including on child sexual abuse and on the role of women within congregational practises are backward and protective of male privilege.

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