Eminem and censorship

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  • expatbrit

    I have a slightly different view about eminem and his lyrics, as follows:

    1) Eminem wants to make a lot of $$$$$.
    2) To do that, he has to sell a lot of CD's.
    3) To do that, he must have mucho publicity.
    4) To get that, the easiest way is to be really controversial.
    5) "Hey! Lets slag off gays and women. That'll get everyone talking!"
    6) Eminem promptly makes lots of $$$$.

    He probably doesn't even know what "societal ills" means ("maybe it's, like, when you puke after too much booze and ecstacy").


  • Tina


    lol,yep marketing strategies, controversy ,like sex, sells. I agree he most likely doesnt know what 'societal ills' means.That's why I think its facetious to call his music metaphoric,,,IMO,he is simply expressing his contempt and hatred,,,,,and that sells too. Cheers,Tina

  • JanH
    All people have a right to live their lives without fear.

    No, you don't. Fear is yours entirely.

    You have the right not to be attacked. That's a very different thing.

    Germans in the 1930s really feared the Jews. Make no mistake about it: they were. Think about it.

    - Jan
    "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen"
    -- Albert Einstein

  • JanH
    The even simpler fact is that children are FAR more influenced by what they listen to.

    That is not a fact. It is an assertion. Show me evidence for that claim. I am waiting.

    - Jan
    "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen"
    -- Albert Einstein

  • d0rkyd00d

    Hey JanH, i just wanted to say that i really admire your posts and the way you think. Keep them coming.

    I'd just like to protest on behalf of Marshall Mathers, a.k.a. eminem. What makes him worse than, say, Edgar Allen Poe? both are tortured souls, expressing themselves in a way they feel is most relieving. For everybody who doesn't know, Mr. Mathers did NOT have a great family life growing up, which can account for many things. Many pornstars didn't have very good childhoods either, which accounts for there behavior. How can you blame Eminem for the way he is after growing up the way he did?

    "No cool quote yet. But i'll think of one soon."

  • SixofNine

    LOL at Jan:

    That is not a fact. It is an assertion

    I was afraid someone would call me on that, lol. OK, I don't have data to back it up, but you know if I go looking I will find it. Besides, just because I simply asserted it doesn't mean that it isn't a fact.

    I probably won't go looking for the data though, just to try and win an argument. Some things you just know, you know? Anecdote and all that. Like, in spite of Jans assertation otherwise, humans have a right to live their lives w/o fear. Hell, just to piss off Jan, lets say that humans have a God given right to live their lives w/o fear. Certain disclaimers no doubt apply, but please, no one supply.

    Germans in the 1930s really feared the Jews. Make no mistake about it: they were.

    Is that a fact?

    I am waiting.

    OK, now I'm really confused. I could of sworn that waiting is an American female with a penchant for quoting.

    A question to all participants, I am curious, for all the slippery slope argumentation, is censorship one area where it really applies?

  • RedhorseWoman

    Dood, interesting point. In fact, it plays right into some additional thoughts I had on this subject. The issue is not whether or not Eminem had a tortured past, nor for that matter whether or not porn stars had a tortured past. That may, in fact, be true. Each of these people has a right in this country to express themselves as they see fit. However, having the "right" to do so does NOT mean that they "should". Along with the right to say what you wish without censorship comes a responsibility. In my estimation, Eminem seems more interested in the money than in being a vehicle for "societal change".

    Additionally, parents have a responsibility to their children to bring them up in the best way possible. To help them to become kind, responsible adults who have respect for themselves and who show respect for others. Just because pornographers have a right to set up X-rated websites and to produce X-rated videos and magazines does NOT mean that parents must allow their minor children access to these materials. Any parent who was routinely allowing their child to surf porn sites or allowing them to read Hustler openly would be open to a lot of criticism. And yet, a parent who has qualms about allowing their child to listen to hatred and bigotry on a rap CD is told to "lighten up" and enjoy the "brilliance" of the artist.

    I'm sorry, but IMO bigotry and hatred are forms of "free speech" that parents should try to eliminate from their child's vocabulary.

  • d0rkyd00d

    If you ask me, which not many people do[8>], i would rather see parents talk to there kids about it. Kids are going to find out about violence, porn, sex, drugs, and everything else from somewhere, most likely school, tv, or movies. It's the parents' responsibility to make sure their kids UNDERSTAND these things, and make sure they know all aspects of these subjects. If their kids aren't exposed to these things and don't discuss them with their parents, they will certainly make wrong decisions when faced with them. I'd rather my kids know about the stuff and be well informed to make a right decision about them. Of course, i don't have kids, so maybe i'm taking the wrong stance on this.

    "No cool quote yet. But i'll think of one soon."

  • mommy

    I agree and most that know me will tell me that my children are very open minded. But there are people in this world that will not accept this as an answer. You will come to find in this world no matter how wide open your arms are...this is NOT good enough. There are people that are willing to take and not give. also people that are willing to give and not recieve.
    I hope that I have instilled in my children, moderation. The ability to call the battle lost. The preception to know when one side is not willing to back down...with only abilty the to blame left.
    Sometimes if someones feelings are strong enough on a subject they are willing to sound like a parrot with no basis. But this is their will to do so.
    I accept homosexuals in my life, and in my heart. But when the homosexual is not willing to accept any other belief but his own. Well that tells you the mindset of who is speaking...and you are able to make your own decisions.
    I applaude those that are the frontiers, who face great opponents in their war.....but when they turn their opponents into enemies...well that speaks volumes about who they really are.

  • TR

    My 2 cents,

    and that's probably all it worth;

    Eminem is a lyrical genius.


    The very second Rap got started, the world got flushed down toilet. Rap music sucks, imo, for the most part. Most of it is not music. The stupid damn low-rider dorks with their million watt thousand foot speakers in the trunk, rattling everything from here to bumfu** Egypt. What a joke. My own kids think it sucks. Their droopy pants with fricken underwear showing. The stupid Gangsta(tm)wannabees running around mouthing off to me(only when in groups) when I walk into a store minding my own business. They think they're immune to a good ass-kicking. Well, let me tell you punk-ass bitch loser gangsta-rap low-life gay hating/women hating dweebs, I'll go to jail while you're on the way to the hospital. I've had a few confrontations with these kind of weirdos. Let's just say that the ones I've confronted have a bit more respect for me now.

    I can't help but laugh and think, they'll grow up, it's just an immature teen phase. PLEASE grow up before I killz ya! WHEW!! Got that off my chest.


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