My First Birthday Celebration

by Kristen 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • Seven

    Angie, Happy Birthday to you and welcome to the board!!!


    Welcome to any newbies that I've missed.

  • claudia

    Yikes!!!! Maybe this guy will keep his yapper shut?

  • Prisca

    Hey Kristen,

    When I read your post I thought of how special that is to share the same birthday with your sister! Unreal! I'm sure it will be an even more special day from now on.

  • dmouse

    Happy Birthday Kristen!
    I just had my first birthday too, at the age of 40! (March 23rd)
    My Mum, who is no longer a JW, decided to invite everybody I knew (and who would come - I know a lot of JWs) and she threw a surprise party for me.It really was something special, gives you a warm feeling all over.
    The Org ban (oops, Christians making up their bible trained consciences...blah blah) on celebrating birthdays is just stupid, and shows them up to the rest of the world for the morons they are.

  • Angharad

    Happy Birthday Kristen, glad you enjoyed yourself.

  • agent2863

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KRISTEN!!! It's great to see you enjoying yourself. Birthdays are a great time to show love to others & also receive love that others want to show us. Life is a gift from God & should be celebrated! Nothing wrong with that.

  • nojw86

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more to come your way ain"t it grand to celebrate our bithdays.......Hugs, nojw

  • myMichelle

    Happy Birthday, Kristen, and many happy returns! Ditto for you Angie!

    Thanks for the mental picture, looks like everyone had fun.


  • outnfree

    Happy Belated Birthday, Kristen!
    and may you have many more.
    This past Christmas instead of sitting on the sidelines being the photographer (which was the only role I'd let myself have because I was the only JW in the house) I actually received gifts from everyone in my household. I, like you, was not yet officially gone from the organization, but my family knew that emotionally I had cut the ties, and thus reacted. Also, I went Christmas shopping for the kids with my husband for the first time in 10 years!)
    Since then, I had THE BEST TIME shopping for presents for my daughters. The one born in January sort of got gypped, because I wasn't out of the Society yet. But the one born in March lucked out because I was DA'd 3 days before her birthday and I went hog-wild with all that repressed love!!!
    It's just grand!
    But, honey, I hope you're prepared for the meeting that will come. Like Claudia, I have to say "Yikes!" Your decision to celebrate (which you did not make lightly because you decided 2 months in advance) will cause you grief in Jehovah's organization. And if you tell the brothers how you really feel about celebrating your birthday (TWO days in a row, you lucky!) you may face a judicial committee.
    So a LOT of introspection is probably a good idea right now.
    Decide what it is that you believe to be right and good and true, and then remain true to yourself. It's the only way to be happy.
    And, Jehovah IS "the happy God"!

    PS Happy belated birthday to you, too, drunkwithliberty! Love your moniker and know the feeling

  • ShaunaC

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kristen, Angie & DMouse!

    I remember my first Birthday last year. My boyfriend, Nick's, parents surprised me with presents, balloons and completed with a cake w/ a musical candle singing "Happy Birthday". All of the family was there. I even got pics! My face is beaming like a 5 year old (I'm 26!)

    Ain't it fun!!!


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