Confidentiality. Confidentiality. Confidentiality. RC Hearing Day 5

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  • millie210

    This is just another example of classic Orwellian doublespeak on the part of the WTBTS and its representatives.
    In JW-land "confidentiality" really means: cover-up

    That is exactly right.

    One evidence of the accuracy of that statement is the fact that elders talk amongst themselves even to other elders in other Halls.

    There are guidelines supposedly about "only giving the details necessary" but as we all know, in the strange workings of the inner world of JWism, elders do what they want.

    Part of "doing what they want" is the unbridled gossiping" that is done by elders to elders after meetings, at Regional and Circuit and Special Assemblies and on phones late at night.

  • Esse quam videri
  • SecretSlaveClass
    Heaven: when there was a serious incident concerning my sister and the much loved son of a worshipped elder, she was accused of promiscuity, slander and adultery. Because she refuted the charges against her and insisted she was a victim of foul play, she was therefore "unrepentant" and Df'd while the young "brother" confessed and demonstrated remorse and repentance and got probation. So Im convinced there is a "you asked for it" mentality.
  • passwordprotected

    The JW elders consciously or unconsciously lay a certain level of blame at the victim.

    One of the elders (the tall thin guy with grey hair) wrote in a letter to the branch that the abuser had been counselled for his "uncleaness" when he had sexually abused a young girl who was a friend of his daughters. However, in the letter he noted that the girl was in the habit of wandering around the abuser's home dressed in her nightwear.

    Angus Stewart picked up on this and questioned why there needed to be any mention of this in the letter.


    Because the JWs couldn't believe the elder abuser was 100% to blame for abusing the girl. The girl had to have some responsibility.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    "My understanding is that the elders look at an accuser as being someone who asked for it or did something to provoke the abuse and therefore, has responsibility. Is this true for child abuse? I have read that it is but maybe not in all cases? Can any elders or former elders on here clarify this?"

    Heaven: That was never my experience. If it is elsewhere I'll let others answer. Never was any accuser disbelieved in my experience. It always came down to the same thing De Rooy experienced, believed but innactionable due to "the Holy Bible" not giving credence to one witness. There should be exemptions for one on one crime.

    Its like a child being asked, "Did you take the last cookie?" and they say "no". You can tell the child did it regardless of the answer. Two elders will ask the accused, "did you do this?" and if they say "no", its over. There will be no further investigation if there is only the victim who speaks. It's sick.

  • StrongHaiku

    I will say it again (to quote another poster), "The problem with JWs is that you have to first explain their own beliefs to them before you can debunk them."

    Just watching the latest stream....

    Time after time and after time, the Royal Commission has to explain to the JW elders/representative what their own beliefs are using their OWN documents and even using the Bible. The RC then walks them down the path step-by-step to show them that their belief and policies are immoral, harmful, unethical, absurd, illogical, etc.

    And...they still don't get it...


    Yep. Unless you have some power like the RC, you can't pin them down. Even if you can, they are so ignorant that you must have the patience of Job!(tm)

    Normal people like us are more than likely DF'd, LONG before we ever break through the JW brainwashing.


  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    11:00 - 13:00

    This idiot needs a good, strong smack across the face. He is a typical elder. Totally useless idiot.

  • Vidiot
    If nothing else, the RC is definitely exposing JW "shepherds" as hopelessly unqualified rubes.

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