Director of Bloodless Medicine and Surgery at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh Accused of Illegally Hunting Lion

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  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Kind of ironic that a doctor involved in bloodless surgery would be out seeking the blood of innocent animals not for food but for sport.

  • cantleave
    Sounds like a complete c**t to me.
  • OrphanCrow
    Please attempt to establish if there is a JW connection here!
    Bloodless Surgery Depts are not only about JW's so this connection may be coincidental!
    If he is a JW then this will prove to be another dark day in JW-Ville.
    The debate around hunting / trophy hunting is huge right now in my part of the world.

    It has taken me a while to process this information. I have had a difficult time with processing the graphic and violent images of what actually happened to the lion.

    TheWonderofYou has pointed out that Dr. Seski's hunting property has been financed by JWs. This sounds typical.

    Contrary to what is believed, every single "bloodless" clinic is connected to JWs. Some of the doctors and staff may not be JWs, but they all belong to the WT "blood cult", planned, organized and established by the WTS and JWs themselves. Shake the Allegheny bloodless tree and there will be JWs tumble out somewhere. The bloodless clinics do not exist outside of that influence - they are not separate from the JWs, they were established by the JWs who were trained in the HLC program. It is all the same cult, with doctors who are not JWs, mixing in the same social and finanicial circles as JWs.

    I think that this Dr, Seski is another doctor similar to Ron Lapin. I read the biography by Gene Church about Ron Lapin called No Man's Blood.

    I was chilled after learning of Lapin's surgical practices. He was a serial "cutter' - he liked to cut into people. His methods were described as 'the ultimate thrill" of walking into surgery without the safety of blood transfusions. Lapin was addicted to the thrill of cutting into people. Bloodless surgery gave him the opportuntiy to act out his pathological desire to cut flesh. His surgery was the extreme adrenaline rush of walking a tight rope without a safety net.

    I equate this "bloodless surgeon" with Dr. Ron Lapin - Dr. Seski is a serial cutter who pursued the king of all beasts to cut his head off and slice him up. For pleasure. The bloodless doctor pierced the lion's heart with an arrow - quite the different picture from a man who claims allegiance to Denton Cooley's heart surgery methods, isn't it?

    And, like Ron Lapin, Dr, Seski is compensated hugely for the opportunity to cut into JW bodies - it seems like he, too, is funded by wealthy JWs.

    I guess the best I can come up with in response is this:

    JWs, meet the man who slices your bodies up. And the bodies of your children.

    How many JW trophy heads hang on this doctor's wall?

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