Any LGBTs?

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    Why are you curious?

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    So Caleb I failed. If I was to sum you up in an acronym would it be GJ or JG?

    or perhaps GJHIQLEQ?

  • CalebInFloroda

    Jokingly, friends often say I'm a member of "Judy-ism" due to the stereotypical connections between gay men and Judy Garland...which often are not as stereotypical as one thinks.

    But I guess I am labeled "G," though my friends and family never really raise the issue or bring it up anymore than they bring up dating, marriage, and sex regarding the straight people in my circle.

    We do tell jokes sometimes, me and my gay friends, like the "Judy-ism" thing, but it is similar to the Jewish jokes me and my Jewish friends also tell. Outside of that and the times I've brought it up here, there is little more discussion in my life about being gay than straight people talk about being straight.

    Times have changed so much, especially after the marriage equality thing, and now being "gay" doesn't make me so different or special among friends...

    ...unless we are talking about holding a party. It's still true that people would rather go to a party or dinner hosted by gays than by straights because it a scientific fact that gays hold far more fabulous parties. I believe that is also in the Bible too.

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    Freedom Avenger
    Of course there is! LGBT people exist everywhere.

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