Fresh Watchtower *LIE* revealed ;-(

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    BadAssociate wrote:

    QUOTE:Yet another shameful LIE by the Experts at Vending Door-To-Door Weasel-wording, Roguery .. and DEATH. The Watchtower Society and the Creed of the Jehovah's Witnesses is a SHAMEFUL NUISANCE, a CHEAT, a BLASPHEMOUS INSULT, a SHAM, a FILTHY LIE, a DECEITFUL TRICK, a SCANDAL, an ORGANIZED FRAUD, a DISGRACE, an ABOMINATION and a DAMNED OUTRAGE from start to finish.

    so we should assume you feel it best that we don't get involved with them?

    Hmmm... yeees, I thought I had been too subtle there. As you have remarked before, I start off with the mild stuff.

    Oh - the answer is: I am not sure! It suits some people to belong to an Organization of Cheats and Liars - especially after they recognize it to be such! From such class, the Wolf Class, are drawn the members of the GB Class etc.

    Some more charitable(*) persons than I believe that the Borganization is now populated almost exclusively by victims.. I know better. The Wolf Class is alive and well, exploiting, sodomizing (spiritually speaking, of course) and culling the Sheep Class.

    ps. you forgot to mention that they are also not very nice

    One of the tragedies is that many of those subsumed into the Borg are very nice - and even remain nice in some ways while within the Filthy Whore(**).

    Which reminds me - where is that odious F iend hanging out now?

    (Wolf-destroyer Class)

    (*) pronounced gull-ee-bul
    (**) pronounced whach-tau-er

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