Why aren't the Governing Body members being investigated in the ARC?

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  • Illuminated

    When there's a malfunction in a product that causes an injury or death, the head of the corporation is held accountable not the salesmen selling the product.

    Why aren't the Governing Body members being investigated when they are the root cause of the child abuse issues and the re-victimization that takes place after?

  • Illuminated
    It seems like the Governing Body may very well not be in charge of Jehovah's Witnesses after all, and they're probably puppets of who ever is - legal department perhaps?
  • freemindfade

    Here is the issue:

    To all of us and the witnesses we know the GB as the absolute authority on earth for the Desert God Witnesses.

    The buck stops with them.

    Now in the secular world they have insulated themselves, both legally and in other ways. To quote Loesch, he "doesn't answer to Watchtower". The corporate vale they have created (probably) somehow keeps them insulated (on paper). So they are "defensible" when it comes to them having any influence in these matters. that is what I think has been the shortfall here in the states.

    All that being said, the Commission may separate these two worlds out and expose that, that to its members whey wield undue influence (also on policy) while legally staying protected (on paper). These guys are a lot sharper than I've seen.

  • Oubliette

    Indeed, the RC is trying to get Jackson to testify.

    See this thread:

    Did you hear that!? His Honour is insisting that Jackson attend the Royal Commission

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    are they going to call jehovah to give his viewpoint ? seems only fair
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    You make good point Stan, I think they should trundle their wooden bovine idol YHVH into the enquiry room and ask him directly.

    Or perhaps the gold version works better?

  • Heaven

    I do not believe the Royal Commission of Australia has jurisdiction in the U.S.

    That being said, since Jackson is in Australia, he is being asked to appear. This will be a defining moment. Let's see what kind of a weasel Jackson is.

    The JWs who have been testifying as well as the JW lawyers have already tried to convince the RC that the GB would not be of any use to these hearings which is a big fat lie.

  • sir82

    I think they should trundle their wooden bovine idol YHVH into the enquiry room

    I thought their idol was a blue square with "JW. ORG" written inside it?

  • Vidiot
    They're just lining all their ducks in a row...
  • Heaven
    lol @ sir82!

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