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  • StarTrekAngel
    I am sorry, its early morning here in Texas and I am barely beginning to get the caffeine kick. I fail to see in the article where a change is pointed to. Seems to me that is actually the very opposite. Can someone "enlighten me"?
  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney
    There's no change. They said they're willing to change to comply with the law as long as the law doesn't conflict with the scriptures (their interpretation of the scriptures).

    They will take no initiative to do what's right because right and wrong, to them, comes only from the interpretation of the Bible as told to them by the Borg.
  • Petraglyph
  • blondie

    That is why the elders are told to call Watchtower Legal before proceeding on an abuse case to see if they are legally mandated in the state it took place in. But does Legal tell them to turn them in? My husband and I were involved in a case regarding a brother df'd for molesting his daughter, then reinstated; he started stalking one of his other victims and the elders did nothing.

    My husband called WT Service Desk and the Legal area, both brothers argued with each other whether my husband should turn him into h is parole officer, SD said he should, Legal said no. My husband called his probation officer and turned him in he told him to stay away or be revoked. So he stayed away, feared going to prison more. The elders in my husband's congregation were relieved. The elders from the congregation he was attending (yes, went to congregation where he was not assigned) and said my husband was bad.

  • Stirred

    Big thumbs this morning Steve , sorry. Was aiming for Like before even first cup of coffee.

    So many issues brought to light. Ensuring change is a whole other matter,

  • steve2

    Startrekangel, the earlier story outlined how the organization's official spokesman, Rodney Spink, overtly acknowledged the organization would report all allegations of child sexual abuse to the police if required by law.

    Some of his statements ( no longer included in the updated article) appeared genuinely acknowledging that there is a problem in terms of putting children's safety first and gave assurances the organization was listening. That will undoubtedly be on the daily videos.

  • Vidiot
    I wonder if the Commission will bring this up.

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