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  • InquiryMan

    JWs in Australia agrees to change procedures in regards to reporting abuse.

  • steve2

    Sobering reflection: It took secular authorities to "persuade" JWs in Australia to agree to change their policy so they will now report allegations of child sexual abuse to police.

    Is this not a victory for enlightenment over religious dogma? You bet!

    Yet, how can it be that secular authorities who - so JWs believe - are in darkness under Satan's control have actually set the higher moral standard than JWs by ensuring child safety trumps the archaic, backward child sexual abuse policies of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    I honestly don't know whether to thank Satan or Jehovah on JWs' children's behalf.

    You just know these are truly complicated times when light comes from darkness and, the Witnesses, well known for blowing their own morally superior trumpet, trail red-faced and rightly shamed behind secular policies and procedures on child protection. It's a welcome start. Next target: The deplorable two witness rule.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    Well-said Steve.
  • Tornintwo
    I don't see any change here or am I mistaken, I thought they already agreed to report where MANDATORY reporting is in place. My question is why would you need to be forced by law to report a dangerous child molester?
  • Mephis
    You're correct Tornintwo. The dub from Oz HQ just restated their view on complying with law. He got a new understanding that elders and service desk who receive confessions/evidence which convinces them as to guilt over crime actually fall under a specific Australian state law which means they have to report. He got very excited about the prospect of printing a new book to help explain their policies more clearly for Aussie JWs. Otherwise... no change.. he even tried his hand at minimising the numbers and stating they'd expect Aussie jdubs to go to prison rather than the GB re-interpreting the bible to conform with a law.
  • punkofnice

    A royal commission has been told by a Jehovah Witness Church official that they would now report child sex abuse directly to police.

    Theocratic warfare(tm)? True?

    If this is only Australia...well, good for Oz. Let's hope they do the same for the rest of the world.........I'm not holding my breath though....I know what these snakes are like.

  • Splash

    The changes I want to see are
    1. The removal of the 2 witness rule
    2. The releasing of names of known abusers
    3. No reappointment of abusers to positions of authority
    4. Mandatory police checks for anyone being appointed
    5. A female victim or youngster not having to face three men
    6. A victim not having to face their abuser
    7. Reporting to authorities as soon as an allegation is made
    8. A procedure of professional help and compensation for victims, not pursuing victims through the courts
    9. JC elders being replaced by, or led by, a trained and qualified abuse investigator
    10. JC elders being people who do not know the abuser, let alone are their friends

    And to reinforce this I would like to see a retrospective prosecution of all those who in some way broke the law by not reporting a crime, and retrospective compensation payments to all victims.

    I wish to see the GB take the lead in acknowledging this problem with a video on their website apologising for minimising it and lying about it.
    I don't want it to be spun into 'new light' but a candid admission that they were wrong, and they are sorry.

    Only when the current barbaric, harmful and inadequate practices are completely overhauled, will this menace start to come under control and JW's begin to look like caring Christians. Only when the JW 'persecution' mindset changes so that victims are not viewed as money grabbing apostates, will a little bit of humanity return to the congregations.


    Great! Now every pedo in the WTBTS knows to NEVER confess, espescially in countries or states with "mandatory" reporting laws!

    Rarely are there two witnesses to child sex abuse. That is why all ALLEGATIONS should be reported to the Superior Authorities. They are trained to discover the truth. There is no need to wait decades as the Eldubs bungle their way through the ever-amended "Flock" book!

    Pedos are probably watching this RC with great interest. They are, no doubt, overjoyed that the WTBTS only reports when it's legally obligated to do so.

    It will be interested to see if any Australian Eldubs or servants are suddenly sent to other countries where the need is great, and mandatory reporting is not required. Watch for mass Pedo migrations. Also, remember that your local BOE will NOT tell you if a Pedo moves in.

    Jeehoober be praised!!!


  • freemindfade

    I thought this was especially wonderful

    "Mr Spinks also said where there was a conflict between the Bible and science, the Bible would prevail, because all scripture is "inspired by God""

    Wake up dubs.

    You are more creationists than you like to let on.

  • Heaven

    I am skeptical this will really have any positive affect. They will just figure out some way to weasel around it as DD mentioned.

    And is this only is Australia? What about the rest of the world?

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