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  • ianao

    To anyone wanting "watchtower-esque" info on freemasonry, just go here:

    I call it "watchtower-esque" because just think how LOVELY looks to the unbaptized outsider.

    To RR:

    Yes, I have been to that site and others like it, these people try so hard, and all they do is babble, with nothing concrete.
    No offense, but a "secret" society wants you to have that opinion as it better suits their interest. I know it sounds cliche (sp!) but that's the way things are. Think about that next time you talk to a dellusioned rank and file witness. They think your opinions about the WTS are just "conspiracy theories" too, no?
  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    thanks for your posts; it shows interest
    and desire to share .To be more specific:

    *somebody: thanks for the link; I knew it already. Personally
    I found to heavy, certain things should be supported
    more logically, ...more with facts and I think with
    a very logical and orderly approach. Still it shows
    willingness to find what is behind...the wall!

    *ianao: About freemasonry , C.T.Russell and others involved
    I do believe that the proof are there to be seen.

    *RR: You know about the burial ground of CT Russell;
    can you tell me why in ...a burial ground belonging
    to the Masonic Temple? Why the ...particular form
    of the grave? Many don't know these points and
    sometimes it is difficult to accept even ...reality.

    Thanks, and agape to you all J.C.MacHislopp

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