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  • Flowerpetal

    Dood>>5) Jesus uses the phrase "Truly I say to you,..." over 50 times in the bible. IN the NWT, the comma is placed after the word "you" every time except in Lk 23:43, where the comma is placed after the word "today". Why is the comma placed after "today" instead of after you "you" in this verse? If the translation of this phrase in Lk 23:43 was consistent with the translation of this phrase in all the other verses in which it appears, and the comma was placed after "you", how would it read?

    Fp>>The NWT isn't the only translation that has the comma put that way.

  • mensa163

    When you have time you should add this to your list:
    It is a question based on HOSEA 13:4
    I am the LORD your GOD
    who brought you out of Egypt
    You shall acknowledge NO GOD BUT ME
    NO SAVIOR except ME

    according to watchtower teachings Jesus was "a god"...if this was true we must not acknowlege him according to the above instructions from Jehovah himself.

    also if Jesus is savior and Jehovah is savior they must be one and the same according to the above verse. JW's have never answered this satisfactorly for me.

    I sure like your series of questions....keep it up

  • crossroads

    1-I Jesus and Jehovah is the same being they are one
    in the same[the son] the FATHER is different altogether
    2-144,000 are all real jews gathered during yes during
    the great tribulation.
    3-The great men of old are coming back to live in
    Rutherfords mansion in CALI. Oh i'm sorry that was
    old dim light. Really they are already in heaven. PAUL
    says a heavenly country awaited them and a new city
    4-I love this one does it really matter? What matters is
    that HE died for us. You know if the real factual name
    of the Hebrew God is Yahweh but Jehovah is what the
    world goes by[ even if the name comes from the catholics]
    and the organization excepts that why can't they except
    the cross really whats the difference
    5-The better question to be asked here is what is the
    difference in the reward between the two evil doers?
    Reality is the one who believed in Jesus is now with
    him. The other is waiting for a resurrection to judgement.
    But the gospel according to the wbts have the two with
    the same reward they will both be resurrected to earth
    to prove themselves so why the passage?
    6-It will be visible
    7-It does,what of Moses and Elijah appearing to our
    3 brothers. Also this can help with the Rich man and
    Lazarus the two witness of REV. this can also help
    you more with question #2
    8-In heaven thats where they are
    9-Thats where the believers go prior to the great tribulation

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