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  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    Hi there Lone Wolf:

    Glad to have you join us. This little puppy yapping and nipping at our heals was getting tiresome. He needed a good swat. You did that with reasoning and your experiences, with a firm hand.

    He sounds like a spoiled little bully who needs to bolster himself up by picking on others. I told him to read many of the horror stories of those of us who have been victims of the harsh, unyielding, brutal ways of some elders in power. I too have known very loving, kind, empathetic elders in my time, my own father being one of the best, but he too was done in by those wielding the sword and not the Word of God. Unfortunately, the good these elders accomplish is muddied by the dirt of the ones that have an attitude like StiLLinTruth.

    I told him that "possibly one day you will be on the receiving end of what many of us here have experienced. If not I can guarantee, you will be among the ones handing it out the hurt... and you then will have to answer to God for that."

    I fear for the ones subjected to his kind, if he becomes an elder with his 'holier that thou' attitude. The effect that loving treatment has on the flock, can NOT be so easily, and sarcastically dismissed as StiLL did in the first thread.

    Elders like that, as we who have been there and seen it all, are so far removed from Jesus' loving example as the caring shepherd who leaves all the rest to go searching for the one lost sheep. He treated the lowly, weak, suffering ones with kindness and his yoke was light, not burdensome with rigid man-made rules.

    Many, many of us are here, NOT because we want to lead degenerate lives, but because of things that don't make sense in the WTS' interpretations of scriptures taken out of context and the fact that they won't bend when questioned.

    Anyway it was interesting reading your post and looking forward to many more.

    Had Enough

  • LoneWolf

    Hello, Enough.

    I must concur, in all respects. I wish you well.

  • freddi

    i am starting to think that you are not a jw at all. you just want a place to start people chatting because you have nothing better to do. how can you find so much time if you are so dedicated? how do you read anything other that what you are told and lived to tell elders about it. you would have benn dfd way before now. i know the org myself and i know that they have their faults but keeping someone in the truth so that he can act like an overseer of the internet is too far fetched. it seems to me like you want to have us respond to you because you don't have a life.

  • Tina

    Hi lw,
    I'm curious,what do your sons think about the molestation/pedophile cover-ups in the wts,that have recently been exposed? regards,tina

  • Frenchy

    I read this thread mainly to get a feel of 'stillintruth' as a result of a post of his/hers on another thread. I think I'm getting a general profile of this individual. I think it's great that there are Witnesses that come to these boards willing to defend their beliefs. Unfortunately of those who come to this board so few are able to do so intelligently and calmly. 'stillintruth' has demonstrated a lack of respect for 'older' people which I find is so unlike the stated beliefs of the organization of which he says he is a part. Perhaps he is being just another 'Danielle' but so far without her flair for subtle sarcasm.
    Perhaps 'stillintruth' would care to define his/her position a little more clearly.

    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

  • LoneWolf

    Hi, Tina,

    By and large they are unaware of them, and those cases that they are aware of I'm not harping on. I'm using the same technique that I've always used. I let them see something and then let it percolate for a while. Then I keep myself open when the questions do start, and even cool it a little then. The result is that whatever conclusions are reached are theirs and not something that they later wake up and feel that I've "indoctrinated" them in.

    That protects the family relationship and gives the elders a logistical nightmare. Hehehehe!

    Alias: Tom Howell

    PS --- By the way, I've got 5 daughters and 1 son.

  • crossroads

    Stillin truth love your quote from Psalm 145:15 but doesn't
    the origanal version say"whose GOD is YHWH" and that
    name by all bible scholars including the writers of the
    wbts gospel of the watchtower is YAHWEH. The name
    Jehovah didn't come into existance until way way after
    Jesus died and rose again. By the way every time my mom
    says Jehovah I say you mean YAHWEH don't you drives her
    nuts. Oh one more thing read your bible I believe that the
    GOD of the hebrews and Jesus is the same persona lot
    of scriptures seem to indicate they are one and the same.

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