ABC News in Australia looking to contact Geoffrey Jackson

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  • smiddy


    I see you have only joined this site 7 days ago , so I would gather you have only left the organization relatively recently .If you have been a member of the J.W.`s for many years it does take a long time to shake off the shackles so to speak of indoctrination .

    I have looked at all your previous comments and "THINK" I know where you are coming from , though I could be wrong . Yes Jackson may very well be going through an emotional experience of his own due to family circumstances , as we all do one time or another , including victims of child sexual abuse and their immediate families .

    Does that excuse him for being a part of an organizational policy in a senior position that harms victims of child sexual abuse ? And apparently , he can attend K.H.meetings but not give evidence even by video at a Royal Commission affecting Jehovah`s Witnesses here in Australia.?


  • joe134cd
    Well if he was scheduled to be in Australia, and he knows what's good for him he won't any more.

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