Royal Commission needs to call GB to personally testify

by RedPillPopper 19 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • RedPillPopper
    The GB needs to be subpenaed to testify just like Losch was. The Commission needs to subpena each one individually and make separate fines when each one refuses.
  • Oubliette

    Didn't they try that with one or more of the GB members during the Unthank hearings a few years ago?

    As I recall, the GB just ignored the subpoena.

    Maybe someone here can find a link ...

  • RedPillPopper
    When Losch refused to show up in the Campos San Diego case the resultant $13.5 million settlement was mostly punitive damages for his refusal. If those types of fines were levied against each GB member...........that would be nice to say the least.
  • flipper
    I agree- the GB needs to be pulled and extricated from their freaking guilded cage in New York and hogtied to Australia to testify. They're so ADEPT at sticking their own foot in their own mouths it would be a riot to watch. Get Lett, Morris the third, and Losch over there - I bet it would get a million hits on google in a heartbeat- then access to WT child abuse information would REALLY get popping ! Bastards
  • DarioKehl
    Why can't they be made to testify anywhere? If I ignored a subpoena, there'd be a warrant out for my arrest. How do these pigfucks get away with it?
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    The G.B. are only answerable to the faceless ones running the WTBTS.

    They would send their "helpers" as cannon fodder!!

  • Vidiot

    RedPillPopper - "The GB needs to be subpenaed to testify just like Losch was. The Commission needs to subpena each one individually and make separate fines when each one refuses."

    And then, afterwards..., "Like", and hashtag the shit out of it. :smirk:


    I agree 110%!! How are we going to get it done? Who has the know-how to contact the RC in Austrailia? Unless action is taken, it's a pipe-dream.

    What is the AAWA doing?? Aren't they connected? Can we get ex-dub celebrities involved via social media? What options are there?

    There is upcoming WT "study", basically saying that JWs should STFU and not pass along information, even if it's true. The RC needs to know this. Maybe they already do? They are by far the most informed party to ever interrogate WTBTS members.

    I would hate to see this opportunity to be less than it could be. Sparrowdown started a thread about a "watershed" moment for the WTBTS. The general feeling from that thread is a bit negative, IMO.

    It's like everyone has already resigned themselves to the fact that NOTHING is really going to happen! Well, I say BULL SHIT!!!!

    We have to MAKE it happen! That's how shit gets done! Thank ( insert deity ) that our ancestors made shit happen. Come on people! How do we know that RIGHT NOW isn't a pivotal moment in the history of humankind? What if our actions NOW start a domino effect? This could be what we do to help our children, and theirs, and maybe the entire human race!

    I'm saying don't give up! Don't let this issue go away! I believe that what we are now seeing is a direct result of those before us. They did not give up! They did not throw in the towel! Did you hear a bell??? I sure a HELL didn't!!

    There are bad, bad people out there. They want us to quit! They are counting on it! They are praying for it! They are doing everything in their power to make it happen. SCREW THEM!

    DO SOMETHING!!! Anything!! Even if you believe it to be a small deed, just do it! YOU could be deciding factor in this ( I'm going to say it...) HISTORIC event! Kick some ass, seize the day, take some names! Come on!! Make your momma proud! These colors don't run!! Whatever shit you want to say that gets you motivated!!!!

    DO IT!!!!!!

    DD 😇

  • kairos

    Contact info for the Royal Commission is on their site:

    I just sent an e-mail of praise.

  • flipper
    Thank you, Kairos - I just sent one. Mrs. Flip

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