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  • possum

    Hi, I am Possum and have been posting for a short time just thought I would introduce myself with much trepidation. I am a third generation ex witness. Grandparents originally lured into cult in 1920 after the death of a precious child. My father in his words "disobediently" married out of the truth. My Canaanite mother eventually was dis-fellowship and us children became mere pawns in a vicious custody tug of war. Weekend visits mother would send me in mini skirts father would unpick them to modest length and frantic witnessing for the weekend. 1975 just around the corner!! My brother (non- witness) now 57 has ongoing narrative grandfather and father where buying him a pair of jeans and grandfather said to father "don't buy good ones Armageddon will be here before he gets full use of them" when 7 years old ". I was playing in swimmers in front garden and father reported me to local police for immorality. But never reported his fathers sexual assaults on minors to any worldly authorities only Elders (some of who where his employees and young nephews). Mother very traumatised by her involvement with witnesses and succumbed and died from an alcoholic related illness. The organisation has effectively deprived me of both parents, as my father professes (delusional) to be anointed has been effectively castrated by the cult from acting as an autonomous individual. I came back to the org as an adult after a very early marriage breakdown. Re married in cult and my only daughter was sexually assaulted by a prominent elder while on a "shepherding "call. After protecting him with "two witness rule" for 12 years my daughter remembered the abuse (which made her 'demonized)'. We started to speak out about the danger of two witness rule. My daughters abuser eventually left his wife, disassociated himself and moved in with a younger women with small children. Since I come from a very large witness family in small town the impact of shunning was extremely emotionally and physiologically and physically damaging. My husband and I had to leave town! We are now in our 50,s and 60,s and trying to start a new life. My grandfather Johnston (world champion axe man) was a serial pedophile who systematically raped most of my cousins. Got caught red handed twice and dis-fellowshiped twice. Reinstated and buried with full honors. Left a trail of devastated broken women not just family members and never!! taken to police. Some of his victims accessed of lack of faith because of unwillingness/inability to participate fully in field service and meeting. Blame the victims!!!Because keeping the facade of the good witness/local hero was more important than the safety of the children in the small town Atherton where he resided. I would not doubt there will be non-witness victims. If witnesses families did not know what he was dis-fellowshiped for (what hope have the worldly people who would welcome him into their houses??) I have named Ivor Johnston in my nine page submission to the Australian Royal Commission so I feel no need to further protect him as well. I have been accused of "poisoning other hearts" by revealing abuse in JW I have enrolled in a University course and one of my professors states that post-cult I display all the symptoms of a battered women escaping domestic violence. Have found other persons posts a great source of comfort, encouragement and amusement. Thanks

  • truthseekeriam

    Welcome Possum,

    That's quite a interesting life you have had! I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. It's criminal the way they handle the crime of child molestation.

    I'm so happy everything is coming out through these proceeding and I thank you for sharing your experience with the RC. I hope it some how begins the healing process for you.

  • possum

    Husband and I have found a nice garden to heal in and university has been so helpful in widening my intellectual horizons. Have been so shocked by the extent of my WT cult programmed regimental/judgmental and cruel thought process. As posted before Judge Bradis says "the best disinfectant is sunshine". I am now a big fan of evidenced based research no more WT hocus pocus................

  • millie210
    Welcome Possom and thank you for sharing your story. You are accomplishing a lot now with your life and I love what you said about sunshine. So true!
  • Mephis
    Sorry possum, the dislike on that last post was because I'm using phone and it should have been a 'like' (fat thumbs here). I'm so sorry you and your's went through so much inside that vile cult. I hope the commission has treated you kindly and that there will be some redress for you as you heal. Good luck with your university course.
  • Diogenesister

    Me too, I relate to that possum, nice to meet you, I also had my eyes opened by a fabulous philosophy uni course. Forever grateful to thr Open University..saved my life. I am sorry for your suffering and that of your family, especially your mum, my father too is an alcoholic. Your Dad I feel probably uses the wtbts as an emotional crutch..considering the hell he must have been through.

    PS for an inspirational humanist film watch Chris Nolans Interstellar, just saw it highly recommended!

  • possum
    Diogenesister, Had a quick look at trailer will watch thanks. Only did one semester of philosophy but it helped me to regain confidence in my own thinking ability. Always so terrified by worldly philosophy as corrupting influence. Now cherry pick, enjoy, reject different points of view. And I still remain and grow, I hope a person of moral integrity....WT had me paralyzed..... (you'll be in the gutter demonized waiting for execution if you leave "spiritual paradise") you know how they work! My father had great potential as a person very hard for him when suckled from breast on WT poison.
  • smiddy

    A hearty welcome to Mr & Mrs Possum for being so brave as to make a submission to the A.R.C.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I certainly hope that all the abused and their family`s get the justice they deserve from this inquiry .

    It certainly looks that way watching it live-stream .The publicity does not look good for the WTB&TS as their has been some scathing articles made against them.

    Both of you take care


  • whathappened
    Welcome, your story was interesting to read. We are all a work in progress, glad you found us.
  • possum
    Rage — whether in reaction to social injustice, or to our leaders’ insanity, or to those who threaten or harm us — is a powerful energy that, with diligent practice, can be transformed into fierce compassion.”
    Bonnie Myotai Treace Lets keep raging!!!

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